November 18, 2018
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Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018: Make naloxone available, Trump’s war on democracy, cost of offshore drilling too high

Make naloxone available

Please publicize the facts related to current ways anyone can get Narcan. Anyone can ask their doctor for a prescription. This can be refilled repeatedly. Use your insurance and get it for yourself if you have anyone you know who could use it. Keep it or give it away. Get another one.

Can we establish a “donate Narcan” program? The grocery store pharmacies would be ideal places because the pharmacists are able to quickly explain how to administer it. Doctors could send the prescriptions to the hospital pharmacies and people could apply for sliding scale or free care.

I feel we, the people who are not ill with the disease of addiction, can take active steps to give Narcan to those around us. I have given Narcan to a loved one who administered to a person who overdosed and saved his life. No more time to waste on the governor. It’s wasting time. Most heroin users will not step into a clinic or hospital to get Narcan. We have to get it out there.

Mary Bohon

Trump’s war on democracy

The litany of blatant lies and unconscionable behavior from the president goes on and on, day after day. President Donald Trump’s penchant for combativeness, juvenile behavior and insult hurling makes the United States a country no longer taken seriously, let alone trusted, by our former allies. He is waging war on American democracy and the values most citizens have always taken for granted and other citizens of all ethnic backgrounds have spilled blood for or died defending.

Having Scott Pruitt chief of the Environmental Protection Agency and Ryan Zinke the secretary of interior is worse than having foxes guarding hen houses. Jeff Sessions seems to be attorney general exclusively for his party. Adviser Stephen Miller, whispering poisonous advice into Trump’s ear, easily reminds me of the character Grima Wormtongue in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

When you think Trump’s antics cannot get any more ominous, they do. Now he says it’s “treasonous” not to applaud when he speaks, and he has reportedly ordered a military parade. Whether they realize it or not, supporters of Trump are supporting fascism, not democracy. My late father risked his life landing troops during D-Day to rid the world of one of the worst fascists in history. The president is an insult to him and all other veterans.

“To sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of men.” — Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1850-1919

R. David White
East Millinocket

Pruitt’s attack on the environment

I am a younger mother of a newly 4-year-old boy named River. I also am awaiting a new child. I am concerned for what is happening here in not only Maine, but the United States as a whole. I was not too informed with politics a few years back, but once you have children you begin to pay more attention.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has really caught my attention. Many environmental policies that our country and former presidents have implemented, Pruitt has begin or tried to repeal. I ask everyone get involved with what’s going on and see past his deceiving ways.

Let’s protect our land for the future generations and allow children to be born safely. As individuals, we can be calling our senators or writing letters to help make a difference.

Hilary Godin

Cost of drilling too high

We live on a small tidal cove. In winter, ducks and loons bob and feed. In spring, working boats ready moorings and deploy docks and floats, lobstermen set traps, ospreys build nests, and an oyster farmer tends his rafts.

In summer, flotillas of kayaks glide in, gulls perch on the railing, boats sail by, fishermen troll for stripers, great blue herons wade in the shallows, clammers bend to their work at low tide, and seals haul out to sunbathe on the ledges.

In fall, ducks and duck hunters return, bald eagles cruise the shoreline, the docks and moorings are set for winter, and the oyster farmer, lobstermen and clammers continue their year-round work.

All this is dead in the event of an oil spill. No drilling on this coast, please. The cost is too high.

Jock and Annie Winchester


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