November 18, 2018
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Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018: Narcan age limit, take action against climate change, put up monument signs

Take action against climate change

I’m 11 years old and go to Friends School of Portland. I am writing to tell you about the climate change petition send off, a gathering of about 100 people at Portland City Hall to present a petition for the Maine Legislature to create a law to reduce carbon emissions in Maine. The room was filled with extraordinarily passionate speakers.

At my school, kids care about nature and want to help. We meet every week to talk about climate change. We rallied every adult in our community to sign our petition. Together, with other schools and organizations, like 350 Maine, we collected more than 600 signatures. Way more than the 150 we needed.

I wasn’t really interested in climate change until 2017, when I traveled to the Galapagos Islands. It was one of my favorite trips I’ve taken. Significantly, for me, that trip opened my eyes to climate change. I’ve always loved nature and have always known about climate change, but I thought that I could not help stopping this monster. I was wrong. When I went to the Galapagos, it totally changed my perspective on the world around me. Seeing people who work so hard to protect the most endangered species in the world and seeing how we humans have created such a problem, I decided to start taking action.

So far, the human race has been nothing but ignorant and destructive to the natural world. Join me in the fight.

Ben Medd


Put up monument signs

When I moved full time to Millinocket last February, I was so excited to regularly visit Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. It has been rewarding and great fun to meet people from all over the country, our state and, yes, even folks from other countries who share my excitement and are happy to experience the beauty, wildlife, woods, water and majestic views of the monument. People were not only eager to visit our North Woods jewel, but also to celebrate the new national destination of Katahdin Woods and Waters.

But a common question I heard from people visiting was, “Why aren’t there signs to the monument?” How embarrassing to have to say our governor won’t allow them.

I participated in the National Park Service’s public meeting on Jan. 25, and it was a good step in thinking about how the park service might support the monument in its first years to make sure that everyone who visits it — from near and far — will have a positive experience while enjoying this treasure of Maine and our country.

As planning and local engagement continues, it is time to allow signs to be installed on the interstate and along major routes that will point people to Katahdin Woods and Waters.

This summer, I would like to be able to talk about the sights and adventures awaiting visitors to Millinocket and the Katahdin region, not make jokes about why we don’t have directional signs. Let’s help people get to Katahdin Woods and Waters.

MaryAlice Mowry


Narcan age limit

Age limits for the purchase of Narcan? Good idea, governor. And while we’re at it let’s put an upper age limit, say 45 years old, on insurance coverage for bariatric surgery. After that, you pay for it yourself.

Karl Hill


Hayes for governor

I’m supporting Terry Hayes for governor. For as long as she’s been involved in politics, I’ve appreciated Hayes’ nonpartisan approach and her genuine efforts to assist with the real problems of her constituents. Hayes’ independent, common-sense stance on issues has always rung true to me.

In the course of her work in state government, she’s earned the respect of many people, regardless of their party affiliation. She was twice elected by Democrats and Republicans to be Maine state treasurer. That says a lot about her character and also about her potential as an effective leader.

Hayes is serious about getting big money out of politics and is running as a Clean Elections candidate. I’ve especially appreciated her consistent advocacy for ranked-choice voting.

Hayes’ record demonstrates that, as governor, she would approach things creatively and with common sense, not from extreme ideology or partisanship.

If elected, I believe she would be able to achieve real progress for Maine. Hayes would be a governor for all Mainers, and she would conduct the office with an intelligence, grace and civility that would make us all proud.

Bill Carsley

South Paris

Support transparency

It is painfully obvious that both Republicans and Democrats are playing politics in the flap over the release of the Russia memo. Release of the memo, which may reflect poorly on the FBI Russia investigation — surprise — was supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats. Were the memo to reflect well on the investigation, Democrats would have supported its release and Republicans would have opposed it.

Under President Donald Trump, one expects this from the Republicans, but for some unknown reason, we expect Democrats to generally support transparency and the public’s right to know.

Like Republicans, Democrats expect voters to forget about their blatant violations of their own supposed beliefs and ideals, such as government transparency. But it is precisely this kind of arrogance that has led to Democrats to lose the House, the Senate, the White House, and most governorships and state legislatures. The best example of this fatal arrogance is Democratic Party support of job-destroying trade pacts and their accompanying worthless platitudes and assurances to workers displaced by those trade pacts.

Democrats’ fervent belief in voter stupidity and amnesia caught up with them big time in 2016, and they still don’t get it. Pundits from San Diego to Madawaska have said that to win this year, Democrats can’t just oppose Trump — they must create their own identity. This is a good place to start. Stick to your principles, and to your belief in government transparency. Support the release of the memo. Stop playing voters for suckers.

Lawrence Reichard



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