December 17, 2018
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Thursday, Jan. 4, 2017: Invest in America, Trump a pied piper, a Civil War monument

A monument for Maine’s Civil War deaths

Between Sept. 1 and Oct. 19, 1864, some 40,000 Union soldiers under Gen. Philip Sheridan and 20,000 troops under Confederate Gen. Jubal Early fought it out in several major battles in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. More than 2,000 Maine men were involved in the combat. Of this number, nearly 500 men would become casualties. The losses themselves would originate from the 1st Maine Veteran Infantry, the 12th Maine, 14th Maine and 29th Maine Infantry Regiments, as well as the 1st and 5th Maine Artillery Batteries.

There are no permanent monuments to the sacrifice of these brave Maine heroes on any of these battlegrounds. There is, however, an opportunity to place a lasting memorial to these Maine soldiers on the largest of these battlefields. This contest was the Third Battle of Winchester, which was fought on Sept. 19, 1864. In this fight, more than 230 Maine men became casualties, and nowhere is there an undying testament to their bravery and sacrifice.

Currently, there is an effort, in conjunction with the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, to raise the funds needed to purchase and install a stone memorial to Maine’s contribution at the Third Battle of Winchester. Please help keep the memory of these men alive by contributing to

Peter Dalton


Invest in America

Imagine what you’ll do with your GOP tax savings? Unless you’re one of Maine’s billionaires, your losses will likely offset your gains. Consider that federal taxes fund our infrastructure, which helps make civil society civil. Reducing taxes dramatically for the wealthy and large corporations will unfold next as an assault on infrastructure funding.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, “The federal government spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year on infrastructure and other investments, either directly or through grants to state and local governments.” The federal government actually does help create private sector jobs.

Imagine if, instead of tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations, a collaborative House and Senate voted to invest that $1 trillion over 10 years into funding infrastructure improvements, physical and societal. That could create actual jobs, not hoped-for jobs, stabilize our future, reduce costs of public college education, improve research and development, stabilize Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, improve the quality of roads, bridges, highways and airports, and improve our competitiveness worldwide.

Consider this: Countries with lower corporate tax rates offer their citizens universal health care. Maybe the tax cuts for the largest corporations should come after universal health care is put into place.

Let’s imagine that anyone who votes for this tax cut will be replaced by politicians who actually want work together to build a strong, prosperous and healthy America. We need to redefine what unites us, organize and work together to make sure we make that happens.

Celeste Bard


Trump a pied piper

Donald Trump, our pied piper president, is fluting the music of middle class tax breaks while he and my Republic Party triumphantly — and, unfortunately — march proudly down the Avenue of Corporate Loopholes.

On Election Day in 2018, facing the wrath of the Maine voter and the rest of America, they will stumble badly. Worse still, later in the year, President Trump and his marchers will be forced to turn down Robert Mueller Street.

What happens next will either be a dead end street for Trump or America.

Joe Pickering



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