November 20, 2018
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Election night 2017 recap

Ashley L. Conti | BDN
Ashley L. Conti | BDN
A large yes-and-no paddle can be seen on an ExpressVote machine, which is designed to make voting more accessible to people with disabilities.

Maine voters headed to the polls Tuesday to decide four state ballot questions, including whether to expand Medicaid eligibility and allow a casino in York County. A number of key questions, including whether to merge Lewiston and Auburn, are on local ballots. Stay here on election night for results, insights and analysis.

Christopher Burns
November 8, 20179:14 am

Christopher Burns
November 8, 20178:41 am

Only hours after Maine voters approved Medicaid expansion at the ballot box, a fight over its implementation began to brew.

In a statement Wednesday morning, Gov. Paul LePage said his administration would not implement the voter-approved law, calling it “fiscally irresponsible.”

“Therefore, my administration will not implement Medicaid expansion until it has been fully funded by the Legislature at the levels DHHS has calculated, and I will not support increasing taxes on Maine families, raiding the rainy day fund or reducing services to our elderly or disabled,” LePage said.

Matthew Stone
November 7, 201711:30 pm

A study in extremes

Maine’s wealthiest town voted decisively for Medicaid expansion, Question 2 on today’s ballot. The state’s poorest community? Voters there were overwhelmingly against it.

In Cumberland, the Maine town with the highest median household income, 64 percent of voters favored expanding Medicaid eligibility to low-income adults whose income is no higher than $21,599 for a two-member household. The vote tally was 1,792-988.

Cumberland’s median household income there is $107,853, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

Highland Plantation, with the lowest median income in the state, opposed Medicaid expansion by an even larger margin. Some 69 percent of voters in the Somerset County community opposed Medicaid expansion. The tally was 18 votes in favor and 40 against.

The median household income in Highland Plantation is $18,438, according to Census estimates.

Christopher Burns
November 7, 201710:53 pm

Maine voters overwhelmingly rejected the referendum to allow a new casino to open in York County.

The casino went down with only 17 percent of the vote, with 76 percent of precincts reporting at 10:45 p.m.

That is among the lowest “yes” vote totals of any Maine referendum going back to 1911, according to historic vote tallies.

But at least one referendum went down by an even wider margin.

In 1979, bottlers and distributors backed an attempt to overturn the state’s young bottle bill, which put a deposit on bottles and cans.

Mainers overwhelmingly rejected the repeal, casting 226,687 votes to affirm the bottle bill, compared with only 41,480 to toss it.

With only about 15 percent of the vote, it is the only referendum to have performed more poorly at the polls than the York County casino.

Lindsay Putnam
November 7, 201710:44 pm

Rockland re-elects incumbent, taps newcomer for city council seats

Matthew Stone
November 7, 201710:36 pm

With Question 2 projected to pass, attention now turns to implementation of Medicaid expansion under a LePage administration resolutely opposed to the policy.

The policy takes effect 30 days after the governor proclaims the official results of the election.

Within 90 days of that point, the initiative text says the Maine Department of Health and Human Services shall submit a plan amendment with the federal government opting into the expansion.

Within 180 days of the law’s effective date, a person newly eligible for Medicaid coverage should be able to receive that coverage.

The initiative text wouldn’t allow the LePage administration to impose higher co-payments on the newly eligible population.

Jake Bleiberg
November 7, 201710:32 pm

In Portland, Kimberly Cook has been elected to represent District 5 on the City Council. She won a three-way race with more than 64 percent of the vote, beating out Marpheen Chann-Berry, with about 22 percent, and Craig Dorais with about 14 percent.

Cook was endorsed by outgoing City Councilor David Brenerman.  

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 201710:30 pm

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 201710:29 pm

Matthew Stone
November 7, 201710:10 pm

Tonight’s results haven’t been kind to Gov. LePage. Not only has he consistently opposed Medicaid expansion, he also pushed for Lewiston and Auburn to merge.

Matthew Stone
November 7, 201710:08 pm

The Associated Press has called Question 2 for Medicaid expansion proponents, with 133,020 votes in favor and 91,387 against with 64 percent of precincts reporting. That’s 59 percent in favor, 41 percent against.

Matthew Stone
November 7, 201710:05 pm

The vote on Question 2 was much closer in Brewer than it was in Bangor, according to unofficial results.

The “yes” votes on expanding Medicaid coverage won out in Brewer, but only by 39 votes. The tally was 1,064-1,025.

Brewer also had two competitive school committee races.

Cynthia Small (936 votes) and John Canders (731 votes) have won three-year terms; Trudy Irene Scee (698 votes) and Kathleen Cooney (505 votes) were also vying for three-year terms.

Mark Farley has won a one-year term on the school committee, defeating Zachary Arey 1,048-651.

Brewer voters were also solidly against a York County casino and in favor of a transportation bond (Question 3) and a constitutional amendment on state pension funding (Question 4).

Jake Bleiberg
November 7, 201710:02 pm

In Portland, City Councilor Justin Costa has been elected to a second term.

He won District 4 with more than 68 percent of the vote, beating out first-time candidate Kimberly Rich. 

“It’s a tremendous honor to be able to serve,” Costa told the Bangor Daily News. In the coming years, housing and affordability issues will be his focus, he said.

Matthew Stone
November 7, 20179:57 pm
An update to an earlier post about Bangor voters’ blank city council votes: Bangor’s city clerk says the reason so many city council votes were blank was because voters chose fewer than the three candidates they could have.

Matthew Stone
November 7, 20179:54 pm

A flashback as we await results on Question 2, which would extend Medicaid eligibility to about 80,000 low-income parents and adults without children. Gov. LePage sent down his first veto of a Medicaid expansion bill on June 17, 2013.

A lot has changed on Maine’s Medicaid landscape since then:
— About 25,000 low-income parents lost Medicaid coverage at the start of 2014.
— The federal government will kick in 94 percent of the cost of covering the largest portion of the expansion population, low-income adults without children, starting in 2018. If Maine had expanded early, the federal government would have kicked in 100 percent of those costs through 2016. In 2017, the federal funding rate dropped to 95 percent.

Darren Fishell
November 7, 20179:53 pm

The Associated Press says Question 4 has passed, allowing the state to have more time to pay off any losses in the state’s pension fund, to 20 years from 10 years. 

Actually, just read this story by Chris Cousins. It’s got all you need(ed) to know. 

Christopher Burns
November 7, 20179:48 pm

Christopher Burns
November 7, 20179:48 pm

Lewiston rejects proposed merger with its sister city, Auburn, according to BDN politics writer Michael Shepherd.

Jake Bleiberg
November 7, 20179:43 pm

In Portland, rent control is looking unlikely to pass. With eight of 12 precincts reporting more than 66 percent of locals have voted against it. 

Darren Fishell
November 7, 20179:28 pm

A costly gambit
At the moment, the failed Question 1 casino effort is at about $442 per vote. About $9.3 million spent and about 21,000 Yes votes.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:23 pm

Transportation bond: full speed ahead

The Associated Press has predicted a victory for Question 3, which seeks a $105 million transportation bond for Maine’s transportation infrastructure. 

With 36 percent of towns and cities reporting, the bond had 72 percent support. 

Matthew Stone
November 7, 20179:22 pm

If “Blank” were a candidate for city council in Bangor, he or she would be victorious tonight. Bangor voters re-elected City Councilor Ben Sprague and chose newcomers Clare Davitt and Laura Supica, but only Sprague’s vote total topped the number of blank ballots.

Sprague got 4,328 votes while 3,718 voters left their council ballots blank. Davitt got 2,458 votes, and Supica got 2,439.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:21 pm

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:20 pm

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:16 pm

Mason family retains Lisbon House seat

Republican Rick Mason has won the Maine House of Representatives seat formerly held by his late wife, Gina Mason, with 57 percent of the vote, according to official results. 

Gina Mason, 57, died suddenly in early September during her first House term. The District 56 seat covers the town of Lisbon. 

Matthew Stone
November 7, 20179:12 pm

The Associated Press has called Question 1 for casino opponents. Story on its way from the BDN.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:12 pm

York County casino bid faces convincing defeat

The Associated Press has called Question 1, a bid for a York County casino, as having failed. Results collected up until now showed more than 84 percent opposition. 

Jake Bleiberg
November 7, 20179:11 pm

Rent control down in early Portland votes

With one of five Portland districts reporting, the rent control measure is lagging with more than 70 percent of District 3 voters opposed. A citizens initiative to give neighborhoods the power to block zoning changes is in a tighter race there, with 56 percent of voters opposed and 44 in favor.

Between the two competing school bonds, Question 3, which would pay for renovations at four city schools is ahead of Question 4, which would fund work at only two school. But we won’t know much on that issue until all districts report because bond measures require a majority of votes to be approved.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:07 pm

Early statement from Medicaid expansion proponent Jeremy Kennedy: 

Matthew Stone
November 7, 20179:06 pm

Unofficial results from Bangor show a decisive rejection of a York County casino and an embrace of Medicaid expansion. Almost 10 times as many Queen City voters rejected the York County casino as voted for it. The tally was 569 votes in favor and 5,402 against.

Some 4,019 Bangor voters said yes to Medicaid expansion; 1,966 said no. That’s two-thirds in favor.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:05 pm

Early statement from Medicaid expansion proponent Jeremy Kennedy: 

Jeremy Kennedy, co-chair of the "Yes On 2" campaign, is awaiting results with supporters at Bayside Bowl in Portland, where the polls closed at 8 p.m.

Posted by The Bangor Daily News on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20179:02 pm

Jake Bleiberg
November 7, 20179:00 pm

Portland results rolling in
Ballots are starting to be tallied at Portland City Hall, and Maine’s largest city has a lot at stake.

In addition to the statewide questions, locals voted on two City Council races, competing measures to fund renovations at either two or four city elementary school, a citizens initiative that would give neighborhoods the power to block zoning changes and another initiative that would sharply limit large landlords ability to raise rents.

The rent control measure would be the firsts of its kind in Maine, and the zoning initiative also has statewide implications. Residents of the city’s West End are trying to use the proposed zoning ordinance to block the construction of a large refrigerated storage unit on the western waterfront that state officials have called “critical” to the state economy.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20178:58 pm

Helpful advice from a concerned reader:

Thank you concerned reader!!

Christopher Burns
November 7, 20178:46 pm

Early results coming out of Lewiston show the proposed merger with its sister city, Auburn, is sinking in the polls, according to BDN politics writer Michael Shepherd.

Lewiston and Auburn have a long history of failed mergers that dates back to 1869, when Auburn residents voted 299-283 against a referendum to join Lewiston. Just in the last 20 years, three other citizen commissions — in 1996, 2006 and 2009 — created a roadmap for how city officials could merge Lewiston and Auburn, along with the benefits of doing so, but the merger proposals never went to voters.

Aubiston, Lewburn or the way it’s always been? Lewiston-Auburn merger hinges on civic identity

If the Lewiston-Auburn effort succeeds, it will be the first time two Maine cities have merged in almost a century.

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20178:10 pm


Glenwood Plantation, a bustling town of three (3) residents in Aroostook County has become the first Maine town to submit its election results to the Bangor Daily News. 

We’re not saying the town is a bellwether but here are the results (drumroll?): Nobody from Glenwood Plantation voted. 

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20178:04 pm

The whole world is watching. Or at least the country. 

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: There are a lot of eyes on Maine and Tuesday’s referendum to expand the state’s Medicaid program. The New York Times is hosting a page collecting the results of Maine’s Question 2 vote but no need to bother the Gray Lady: The Bangor Daily News will have your up-to-the-minutes results right here. Maine’s polling places are closed. 

Christopher Cousins
November 7, 20177:51 pm

Ranked-choice voting people’s veto effort off to quick start

Just a day after their petition effort was approved by the Maine Secretary of State’s office, organizers of a fledgling people’s veto around ranked-choice voting said Tuesday night that they had launched a successful statewide volunteer push to collecting the necessary 61,123 signatures. 

Ranked-choice voting was enacted during a November 2016 referendum but late last month, the Legislature enacted a bill to put off implementation until December 2021 or repeal the law altogether if it can’t be brought to full compliance with the Maine Constitution by then. 

Dick Woodbury, who chairs the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting, estimated Monday evening that volunteers were at polling locations in at least 150 towns and cities. Woodbury couldn’t estimate how many signatures were gathered but he said many voters were eager to sign. 

“It’s clear that there is a majority of Maine voters that would rather have this ranked-choice voting system in place for the way we elect our leaders,” said Woodbury. “It seems like there was a bit of added energy this time because it seemed like the Legislature was getting to a point where it was just too frequently overpowering what people really wanted.” 

Woodbury said the committee intends to conduct the rest of the signature drive using exclusively volunteers. They have 90 days from Monday to collect signatures. If they look to be at least close to the goal the deadline, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has said that would be enough to put a freeze on the law, which Gov. Paul LePage let go into effect without his signature. 

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20177:29 pm

Michael Shepherd
November 7, 20177:13 pm

We think this is how elections in Lewiston and Auburn will go. No local elections in Maine are bigger than three on Tuesday in Lewiston and Auburn. Voters will decide on merging the two cities and both will pick new mayors.

Many the ground in Lewiston and Auburn think that the merger will go down in both cities, but harder in Auburn. 

“Lewiston has a lot to gain and Auburn has a lot to lose,” said Greg Poliquin, 61, of Auburn at a suburban polling place on Tuesday.

The mayoral races are hard to call. Five candidates are running in Lewiston, where progressive Ben Chin is a good bet to outpoll the field. 

But Lewiston employs a December runoff if no candidate wins more than 50 percent of votes. City Councilor Shane Bouchard and former City Council President Mark Cayer could join Chin in that race.

And Auburn has its own interesting open-seat race, where former Republican congressional candidate Jason Levesque is taking on City Councilor Adam Lee. People backing both sides told me they couldn’t project that race on Tuesday.

Christopher Burns
November 7, 20177:11 pm

Janet Mills, Maine attorney general and contender for Democratic nomination for governor, weighs in on Question 2, Medicaid expansion.

Darren Fishell
November 7, 20175:58 pm

Do you feel like you’ve seen $3.4 million worth of casino ads?
That’s about how much proponents of putting a casino have spent on television, radio and print advertisements in just September, October and the first six days of November.

That came after a long run-up in spending, starting in 2015 with developer Shawn Scott’s failed effort to get the casino question out to voters in 2016.

The campaign to expand Medicaid spent the next-highest amount, with almost $2 million put into the race through Nov. 6. 

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20173:36 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20172:52 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20172:23 pm

In Lewiston: 

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20172:20 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20172:19 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 20172:16 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201712:38 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201712:32 pm

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:53 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:48 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:47 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:42 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:41 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:36 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:14 am

Seth Koenig
November 7, 201711:11 am

Christopher Burns
November 7, 201710:32 am

Christopher Burns
November 7, 201710:08 am

Christopher Burns
November 7, 201710:07 am

Michael Shepherd
November 7, 20179:08 am

Happy Election Day. Here’s our political team’s quick set-up for today. Supporters of ranked-choice voting are fanning out across the state to gather signatures for a people’s veto aimed at killing a new law that could smother the 2016 referendum they supported before the system starts in Maine. 

There are four races on the statewide ballot — including a first-in-the-nation referendum on Medicaid expansion — and a host of notable local races, including a proposed merger of Lewiston and Auburn.

Have feedback? Want to know more? Send us ideas for follow-up stories.

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