September 21, 2018
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Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017: Trump unfit for presidency, don’t degrade flag, Clinton a poor loser

Rational gun dialogue needed

The recent events in Las Vegas caused me to break my silence on the issue of gun violence. I am an avid hunter and believe there is so much room for meaningful changes in how we deal with guns in our society.

The premise that any change in current laws will lead to hunters and recreational shooters losing their weapons is absolutely incorrect. Instead of having extremists on both sides of this issue drive the debate, it is time for reasonable people to engage in meaningful dialogue leading to solutions that reduce risk to society while still allowing law-abiding citizens to hunt, target shoot, defend ourselves, or just go plinking in a gravel pit.

Rational people can work together and make America a safer place.

Kenneth Beland


Trump unfit for office

Donald Trump is constantly demonstrating that he is unfit to be president. One does not​ need ​to look far to find examples​:​

He denies global warming and encourage​s​ fossil fuel production. He prefers to withdraw from hard-won international agreements, such as the Paris​ ​climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal.

​​He has as a penchant for insulting and picking fights with international leaders and risks nuclear war by making threats rather than negotiate.

He gives tacit approval to white supremacists and has a history of disrespect for women. He sends out a constant barrage of tweets, few of which reflect a rational thought process​ and he promotes bad policies and legislation​ ​that​ benefit the rich, at the expense of most Americans.

The list could go on.

An insightful quotation from Groucho Marx nails Trump:​ “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert

Stand up to gun lobby

Congress needs to stand up to the gun lobby and fix the loopholes. Unchecked, unexamined and unrelenting gun violence is not an American tragedy anymore, it’s a travesty.

Car and work safety have rules. Yet, the federal government doesn’t make a serious effort to reduce gun deaths. Congress must vote no on deregulating silencers.

Congress is adding to the divide. Change the culture. Ninety percent of the country supports gun background checks. Enough is enough!

Patty Weber


Grant for water district trustee

I appreciate those who endorsed and signed my nomination paper to be Gorham’s Portland Water District trustee. Please cast your vote for me on Nov. 7.

Even though I am running unopposed, I do not want to make the same mistake that Randy Richardson made in his bid to run for the Riceville, Iowa, school board in 2015. Richardson, running unopposed, lost the election because no one voted for him or anyone for that matter. Paradoxically, all of his district’s 122 registered voters did not place a single vote for a new school board member in the ballot box. It seems Richardson was so confident in an easy win he stayed home to tend the crops and didn’t vote.

In the next few weeks, I will be campaigning by knocking on as many doors so I can to introduce myself and hear your comments and concerns about the Portland Water District.

Together, we need to send a Gorham resident to represent us as a Portland Water District trustee. Let’s not stay home to tend the crops. All our votes matter.

Tom Grant


Hillary Clinton a poor loser

I am a 90-year-old woman who feels she has met and seen many different personality traits in my lifetime. It is my opinion that Hillary Clinton is a very, very, very poor loser, and she should be ashamed of herself.

Barbara Burr


Don’t degrade flag, anthem

Looking around at the world, it was a completely different place a year ago. Everywhere you turn now somebody has an opinion on everything. What is it about this age of millennials that has us engaging so much? It’s the idea that we’re so use to having easy accessibility that we apply this “convenience” to all parts of our life. We have an expectation of quick results, such as commenting on an article or sharing on Facebook.

This brings an interesting take on the First Amendment, which is being tossed around a lot lately, especially with various athletes kneeling for the national anthem during sports games. People are being criticized for kneeling, others are being praised for it. Where is the line — if any — when it comes to the First Amendment?

We know since the ruling in Texas v. Johnson that the Supreme Court allows for the burning of the American flag. The First Amendment protects Americans’ right to protest as long as it doesn’t result in any crimes. It also allows the right to speak freely without censorship.

Some will say this protest is a race issue, others will say it’s a First Amendment issue, I say it’s just an issue. We are not black, or white, or hispanic — we are Americans first. People have died protecting those 13 stripes. I may not agree with some of the statements our president makes, but I won’t punish our flag for the mistakes he makes. Use your First Amendment to speak about issues, but don’t use it to degrade our nation’s most proud symbols.

Taylor Ronan


Will miss Olmstead

I am very disappointed and and angry that someone at the Bangor Daily News has decided to cancel Kathryn Olmstead’s column. I’ve been a faithful reader since the beginning, and it is the best column the BDN publishes.

What a shame it is that the BDN values its readers from The County so little. Olmstead’s column and Julia Bayly’s are the main reasons I subscribe to the paper. I seriously doubt that I will renew my subscription now.

Olmstead was the breath of fresh air that I looked forward to when I picked up my morning paper. So what does the BDN plan to replace her with? Yet another boring sports column? Whatever it is, it can’t and won’t replace her.

Lorna McGee

Fort Fairfield


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