May 24, 2018
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Monday, June 19, 2017: Frustrated with politicians, time for common-sense gun control, government should provide health insurance

America frustrated with politicians

I do feel sorry for the Republicans and others who were injured during the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday. That’s not how we need to solve our social problems.

But I am not the least bit surprised because of the way our so-called representatives try to, and do, kid the American public. We are slowly, maybe not that slowly, graduating to a two-class system — the rich and not rich, that’s just getting by or not. All our so-called federal representatives are rich when they go in office or are by the time they leave, with lots of perks along the way.

All they have to do is go out every election time and again kid the public with the philosophy of “lie, lie, lie” and after a while people start to believe it. And then there is the fear of and actually shutting down of the government on the state and federal levels because of party politics and the arrogance of our so-called leaders.

What I am trying to say is the American public is getting frustrated with the way our so-called representatives are running our country. Future generations please pay attention and do what you fathers and grandfathers didn’t do. Think of us first.

Gary King


Time for common-sense gun control

The shooting at the congressional baseball practice in Virginia was shocking and dreadful to members of Congress. But to those of us outside the beltway, unfortunately, it was just another harrowing shooting in America.

One hopes members of Congress now more clearly feel the trauma that gun violence has created for years throughout the country. The concern about safety for our congressional representatives should be enlarged to include as well the future safety of our school children and other members of the public who have been so mercilessly slaughtered by gun violence.

It is past time for Congress to enact some common-sense control over gun sales and ownership, as in other civilized countries. Congress’s blind obedience to the National Rifle Association should finally be ripped away by the violence in Virginia.

Pat Schroth


Government should provide health insurance

The proposed American Health Care Act removes one of the disliked provisions of the Affordable Care Act, namely the “individual mandate.” People who believed that they did not require health insurance felt that they should not have to purchase it or to pay a tax penalty. I would concur with them if they truly wished to go without any insurance.

To truly be self-insured and without any health insurance would mean that when they were hit by the proverbial bus, they would be willing to pay out of pocket for the EMT and ambulance. Before they would be let into the emergency room, they would be willing to pay whatever that charge was, perhaps $100,000 or more.

True self-insurance does not mean that doctors, hospitals, EMT services, and those of us who do have insurance are forced to pick up the uninsured cost of those who have willingly chosen not to obtain it. Nor should it mean that when they get sick they can then sign up for health insurance. For example, house insurance needs to purchased in advance, not when woods next door catch on fire.

The government mandates — but does not financially support — that people are not left bleeding beside the road and are provided with emergency care. This, however, is not good preventive or long-term medicine. It is not fair for the citizens and medical providers to be required to provide care for all the uninsured, including up to 23 million who may lose insurance if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. That should be a function of a government that cares for its people.

Malcolm White



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