Car plunges from bridge onto frozen Saco River

Posted Jan. 08, 2017, at 1:27 p.m.

HIRAM, Maine — A car plummeted from a bridge in Hiram after the driver lost control on the slick road, landing on the frozen river below.

A BMW that was traveling south on Route 113 in Hiram around 8 a.m. Sunday was driving too fast for the road conditions when the driver lost control, hit a snowbank and went over a guardrail on the bridge over the Saco River.

The car with three people inside hit the frozen river on its nose, spun around, and ended up on its wheels. It fell about 40 feet.

One person was transported to a hospital, but no one was seriously injured.

Police said the people inside the car were fortunate to escape.

No charges were expected.