June 18, 2018
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Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014: Bear baiting, Wiscasset airport controversy and race for governor

Go bears!

In the bear hunting controversy, nobody’s suggesting we don’t need to control that population. The question is, how do we do it? We’ve had just about everybody’s point of view on this matter, from hunters to environmentalists to animal lovers to state agencies to local economists. But the one constituency we haven’t heard from is the bears. They’re not big on emails or Twitter or letters to the editor. So we have to try empathy — the human ability to imagine what it’s like to be another creature. That thing we do with our pets all the time.

So how would the bear prefer to die if it had to? Probably at the bottom of its list would be the trap — hours, maybe days, of excruciating pain with a terrifying ending. Being driven to exhaustion and set upon by a pack of dogs sounds better but not by much. Better still, one bear versus one human. Of course, there’s a good chance it would get wounded rather than killed, which will mean more unpleasant time being tracked down.

And then there’s baiting — despised as “unsporting.” There’s an old saying: “the boy kills the frog in sport, but the frog dies in earnest.” I’m pretty sure, the bear would go with baiting — oblivious of danger and stuffing its belly with goodies. That would certainly be my choice.

Paul H. Gray


Master plan

There are times when I look around my home state of Maine and feel an immense sense of pride. Not today.

I just finished reading the article in the Bangor Daily News regarding the “master plan” to essentially take over Chewonki Campground. If the Brackett family does not give the easement for the “master plan” so the airport can grow, become richer and destroy the trees that are a major part of Chewonki atmosphere, the Wiscasset Municipal Airport will use eminent domain to essentially steal what the Brackett family built with their own hands. The strong get stronger, the rich get richer and the Brackett family will lose what their father built.

I also found it ironic that Pam Dunning, chair of the board of selectmen, feels the Brackett family would be given enough “money” to plant new trees. How long did it take the trees to reach the majestic height of today? So this family is supposed to cut living beauty then plant sprouts that will take 50 years to grow? What will happen to their business while waiting for new trees to grow back? Where will the Brackett family be in 50 years?

Where is the line drawn? Eminent domain is used for the betterment of all people. This eminent domain seems to be only for the betterment of one airport. The “master plan” states clearly that the airport will continue to grow year after year, which means that Chewonki will be swallowed up year after year. Whose land is next? Yours?

Bonnie Seavey


That’s politics

It’s no surprise that Sen. Angus King has endorsed Eliot Cutler for governor, since Cutler worked hard for a year getting King elected to the Senate in 2012. That’s politics.

Sadly, King is trading in political favors for some political integrity, ignoring Mike Michaud’s strong record in working for the people of Maine. A politically divided state Legislature unanimously voted Michaud Senate President in 2000, and that says a great deal about the man as politician.

One of his long-term areas of focus and dedication has been veterans’ health issues. Rep. Michaud is chairman of the Health Subcommittee of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee, and he was key in securing local health care access for rural veterans, something that affects thousands of veterans in the state of Maine. He has worked to lower prescription drug costs, aided in the creation of scholarships for veterans, and was an original sponsor of the “Hiring Our Veterans Act,” a tax-incentive program for employers.

He called for the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki when the depth of problems and cover-ups at the Veterans Health Administration became known. Certainly that was not an easy call to make.

Without reservation, my vote will go to Mike Michaud for governor in November. Please, let’s not allow a repeat of the 2010 governor’s race.

Sandy Maggied



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