June 23, 2018
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Monday, Aug. 18, 2014: Climate change solution, hunting practices, Israel vs. Gaza

By George Danby, BDN Cartoonist

Yes on 1

Growing up in Aroostook County shaped my unwavering work ethic, respect for community and family, and passion for stewardship of the natural environment and creatures in it. Being from The County made me care about things in a way people “from away” don’t quite understand.

I grew up with hunters — hard workers, respectful people, pillars of the community. Many of us will be voting yes on Question 1 in November to ban unfair and cruel practices, out of line with the respect for the outdoors that county folk hold dear.

There’s nothing “natural” about feeding bears barrels of junk food, which in essence teaches them to seek human food. There’s nothing hardworking about using dogs and GPS to tree a bear, nor respectful about letting an animal suffer for hours in a trap.

As hunters and nonhunters, as “county people,” let’s admit hounding, baiting and trapping aren’t “The County Way” of doing things.

Angela M. Bell


Energy future

This is in response to the Aug. 12 BDN OpEd comparing the danger of climate change to that of smoking.

Back in the fall of 2009, Sens. Joseph Lieberman, I-Connecticut; John Kerry, D-Massachusetts; and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, unified across party lines to wage a valiant fight for climate change legislation in the Senate. The effort ultimately failed, but with the need to address the climate crisis even more urgent than it was four years ago, it’s time for another attempt — an attempt that must be successful.

Maybe it’s time to write a letter to Sens. Susan Collins, a Republican, and Angus King, an independent, urging them to join Sens. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts; Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island; Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts; Jack Reed, D-Rhode Island; Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont; Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont; Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut; Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut; Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire; and Kelly Ayotte, R-New Hampshire, in a bipartisan, New England-driven effort to pass a climate bill that implements a gradually rising, border-adjustable fee on carbon emissions, with all collected revenues returned to the public as a dividend. This policy would help lead America, and the rest of the world, into a new era of emissions-free energy and profound prosperity.

New Englanders have the will, intelligence and duty to lead the rest of the country and world towards a clean-energy future. Let’s go there.

Devone R. Tucker

Brockton, Massachusetts

Gaza and beyond

I am surprised and disappointed with Chris Busby’s Aug. 8 column. He chose to vent his emotions by discrediting Israel and the Israeli Defense Force. But his views conflict with the facts on the ground.

He chose not to mention that Hamas, based in Gaza, has been firing rockets to kill innocent Israeli children, women and men for the past several years. The European Union and United Nations have been sending billions of dollars to Hamas for years.

These dollars have purchased rockets, explosives, guns and cement to shield the tunnels used for smuggling arms, rather than building apartments, hospitals and schools. He also forgot to mention the gleaming new luxury hotels in Gaza for journalists, politicians and tourists.

Israel has practiced the most discriminating bombing of any country at war in the history of the world. Citizens were warned before hand by radio and pamphlets left in the areas targeted for attacks. Drones photographed the targets to insure the inhabitants left their dwellings, counting the number of inhabitants in many cases, to avoid bombing buildings with civilians inside.

Israel cancelled shellings when civilians were thought to be inside buildings. Schools, public buildings, apartments and hospitals were used as staging and launching sites for rockets. Whereas, children were used by Hamas as human shields, and civilians were told by Hamas to stay in their homes in targeted areas. Ambulances transported Hamas to their staging areas.

What we do know is that if Hamas were to lay down their arms, Israel would agree to peace immediately. Were Israel to lay down their arms, there would be no Israel.

Paul Shapero



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