Crosby claims Modified Enduro feature at Speedway 95

Posted Aug. 08, 2014, at 10:33 p.m.

HERMON, Maine — Hermon’s Andrew Crosby took off from the outside pole position in the 20-lap Modified Enduro feature at Speedway 95 on Friday night and led the entire distance to pick up his first win of the season.

Hampden’s Travis Beale started eighth and worked his way up through the field in the caution-free race to place second. Rick Gomm of Dixmont took third, followed by Rhonda Cain of Hermon and Shawn McNevin of Hudson.

Other Speedway 95 results

Stock Enduro: 1. Donny Silva, Hudson; 2. Jordan Harnish, Veazie; 3. Joshua Gerry, Fairfield; 4. Matt Kimball, Cornville; 5. Robert Caruso, Kenduskeag; Stars of Tomorrow: 1. Marcus Dunn, Newburgh; 2. Caleb Kalel, Stillwater; 3. Trey Brown, Winterport; 4. Scott Hunt, Kenduskeag; 5. Alexis Roack, Brewer; Pickup Trucks: 1. Jeff Overlock Jr. Hermon; 2. Jim Carr Jr. Clifton; 3. Andrew Crosby, Hermon; 4. Jason Haskell, Kenduskeag; Stunt Race (Jack and Jill): 1. Donny Silva/Emma Libby; 2. Jeff Kimball/Shelby Kimball; 3. Travis Beale/Danielle Beal


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