May 27, 2018
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014: Drug overdoses, PETA opposition, Mike Michaud support

Drug problems

As BDN reporter Beth Brogan was finalizing and posting her July 3 story, “Maine physicians, drug agents brace for influx of fentanyl-laced heroin,” relating how five people were treated for drug-overdoses at Eastern Maine Medical Center, a sixth casualty had been brought in and was fighting for his life. More than a week later, he remains in a coma, with his 3-year-old son not understanding where Daddy went and why he can’t see him. He did take heroin; but what it was cut with, we don’t know. Was it the fentanyl? Was it the PCP we hear is also popular? His “friends” are not talking.

The answer to the drug problem in Bangor and other places lies with the people who take them — those who feel they are invincible and get a rush from playing with danger. They are the ones who need to understand their decision to take drugs sends emotional and financial shockwaves through the community. Without them changing their attitudes and behavior, we will have many more girls and boys growing up without parents.

Debra Brown

Pensacola, Florida

Vote probability

Dennis Damon once again supports independent Eliot Cutler in our forthcoming election for governor.

With all due respect for Damon, I am reminded of the old joke about George W. Bush’s support for independent Ralph Nader. Bush heard a vote for a Nader was a vote for Bush. Now, in a sad repeat of our previous election, a vote for independent Cutler will probably be a vote for Gov. Paul LePage, our present lame excuse for a governor.

William Baker

Bass Harbor

PETA files

For a group that purports to care about the “rights” of Maine’s lobsters, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals doesn’t seem to give a rip about pets. Records filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia show the group kills up to 97 percent of the cats and dogs it takes into its animal shelter — if you can call it that — in a given year.

All told, since 1998 PETA has killed more than 30,000 fidos and felixes, despite the
fact they believe harvesting a single Maine lobster, slopping the aforementioned sea bug on a roll to eat and milking a cow to provide the butter should be illegal. Until PETA gives up its hypocritical pet-killing practices, its advice on animal welfare should be thrown out with the shells.

Will Coggin

Center for Consumer Freedom

Washington, D.C.

Residential towers

If Scarborough residents aren’t angry or concerned about the proposed change to allow cellphone transmission towers in virtually all of Scarborough, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention. A 150-foot tower could be erected close to your home, causing you to lose 10-20 percent of the value or destroy a beautiful viewshed.

Or worse, a tower that emits a possible carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization, could be allowed on your child’s school or playground, increasing the risk of adverse health effects and cancer. This decision could be made this week.

Our comprehensive plan was created to guide our leadership to make decisions that are in the best interests of the health and welfare of its residents. Our council is elected to uphold the comprehensive plan as was determined by the court. The plan says nothing about putting commercial uses in residential zones, particularly uses that put our health and property values at risk.

I hope residents will join me July 16 in communicating that we are not willing to risk our property values or health to get better cellphone reception. There are better and safer ways to get this done than to use the blanketed approach and allow towers everywhere, including residential zones.

Suzanne A. Foley-Ferguson

Former town councilor


Vote split

If independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler really cared about Maine, its people and our future, he could invite Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud over for coffee and talk about what’s necessary to ensure Gov. Paul LePage is soundly defeated. Another LePage term should be unthinkable to thinking Mainers. LePage is as incompetent and bullheaded as Michaud is capable and compassionate.

Clearly, Michaud can restore some dignity, fairness and progress to our troubled state. It’s not clear whether Cutler can do that. Please, Cutler, set aside your ego and work with Michaud to achieve a victory for the people of Maine. I’m sure Cutler could contribute to a Michaud administration, and there will be more opportunities for him to run for office. I would consider voting for Cutler at that time, but not this time. This is too important.

Steve Cartwright


Vote Fulford

If you like our governor, vote for the incumbent in Waldo County’s state Senate race. If not, vote for Jonathan Fulford for state Senate.

Fulford lives and works in Monroe as a Maine carpenter, farmer, husband, hunter, father
and grandfather. It’s where his sons and their families operate their own working farm in Waldo County. They don’t think life in Maine under Gov. Paul LePage and the incumbent senator is the way life should be for the 99 percent.

I am voting for Fulford for Maine Senate because I know him as caring, thoughtful, honest and hardworking. He will represent all Mainers and will respect and listen to all constituents without regard to party or persuasion. Fulford is passionate about protecting the environment and its jobs with fair wages for all. He believes in affordable and accessible health care for everyone.

Jonathan will work hard for properly funded public education and its hard working teachers. He will protect full and open voting rights for all citizens and stands as a Clean Elections candidate.

Fulford will work across party lines to see Maine’s economy, health care, and educational and environmental policies work fairly and efficiently to improve opportunities for all Maine’s residents and voters.

If you are tired of partisan politics in Augusta, vote for Fulford to be the next and best Maine state senator in Waldo County’s District 11 and begin to enjoy the way Maine life should and will be — for all.

Jeff Smith


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