List of contested primaries for the Maine Legislature on Tuesday’s ballot

Posted June 06, 2014, at 11:51 a.m.
Last modified June 06, 2014, at 1:43 p.m.

State Senate Primaries



Senate District 4 — Sen. Doug Thomas of Ripley (incumbent) v. Rep. Paul Davis of Sangerville.

Democratic candidate: David Ziemer


Senate District 33 — Sen. John Tuttle of Sanford (incumbent) v. Rep. Andrea Boland of Sanford

Republican candidate: Adam McGee

Senate District 5 — Rep. Jim Dill of Old Town v. Herbert Clark of Millinocket

Republican candidate: Wanda Lincoln

Senate District 14 — David Bustin of Hallowell v. Louis Sigel of Gardiner

Republican candidate: Earle McCormick of West Gardiner

Senate District 25 — Catherine Breen of Falmouth v. Stephen Woods of Yarmouth

Republican candidate: William Gardiner


State House Primaries



House District 7 — Robert Foley of Wells v. Peter Leon of Wells

Democratic candidate: Joachim Howard

House District 20 — Karen Gerrish of Lebanon v. Harrison Thorp of Lebanon

Democratic candidate: Bettie Harris-Howard

House District 45 — Joseph Kumiszcza of Cumberland v. Michael Timmons of Cumberland

Democratic candidate: Dale Denno.

House District 54 — Susan Dolan of Topsham v. Kim Talbot of Topsham

Democratic candidate: Rep. Andrew Mason (incumbent)

Green-Independent candidate: Daniel Stromgren

House District 55 — Dean Beckwith of Bowdoinham v. Brian Hobart of Bowdoinham

Democratic candidate: Alice Elliott

House District 79 — Robert MacFarland of China v. Timothy Theriault of China

Democratic candidate: Cristina Evers

House District 82 — Randall Greenwood of Wales v. Timothy McDonald of Monmouth

Democratic candidate: Rachel Sukeforth

House District 83 — Curtis Ayotte of Farmingdale v. Scott Williams of Gardiner

Democratic candidate: Rep. Gay Grant (incumbent)

House District 97 — Benjamin Bryant of Belfast and Thomas Burpee of Belfast

Democratic candidate: Rep. Erin Herbig (incumbent)

Green-Independent candidate: Paige Brown

House District 105 — Joel Stetkis of Canaan v. Dwayne Littlefield of Hartland

Democratic candidate: Daniel Swain

House District 125 — Katrin Teel of Bangor v. Gary Capehart of Bangor

Democratic candidate: Rep. Victoria Kornfield (incumbent)


House District 11 — Ryan Fecteau of Biddeford v. David Flood of Biddeford

Republican candidate: Debi Davis

House District 35 — Dillon Bates of Westbrook v. Suzanne Salisbury of Westbrook

Republican candidate: Emily Downing

House District 50 — Jaqueline Sartoris of Brunswick v. Ralph Tucker of Brunswick

Republican candidate: Mark Holbrook

House District 85 — Rebecca Cornell du Houx of Augusta and Donna Doore of Augusta

Republican candidate: Kimberly Davis

House District 122 — Michelle Dunphy of Old Town v. Edward Spencer of Old Town

Republican candidate: Robert Bulay

House District 133 — Rep. Ralph Chapman of Brooksville (incumbent) v. David Guarente of Blue Hill

Republican candidate: Susan Walsh

House District 140 — Harold Clark of Calais v. Albion Goodwin of Pembroke

Republican candidate: Rep. Joyce Maker (incumbent)

House District 148 — Michael Blier of Fort Fairfield v. Alan Whittemore of Limestone

Republican candidate: Rep. Tyler Clark (incumbent)