June 20, 2018
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Friday, June 6, 2014: Emily Cain, Troy Jackson, Bruce Poliquin, Kevin Raye

Equal pay

Emily Cain has always been a staunch advocate in favor of equal pay for equal work. It’s embarrassing that in the 21st century, women only earn 77 cents for every $1 men make in a comparable job. Women and working families in Maine deserve better. They need a candidate in Congress who will stand on their side.

Cain, a Democrat, has always been there for our state’s women. Endorsed by EMILY’s List, NARAL, NOW (National Organization for Women) and the Women’s Campaign Fund, she’s the only candidate in the race who has been a consistent advocate for women’s rights. We need someone with her record to go to Washington and tell Republicans that women deserve an end to pay discrimination. It’s unfortunate that in the year 2014 equal pay for equal work has yet to become a reality in this country.

Maeve Weggler


Vote Cain

While Republicans are busy running negative campaign ads against each other for the 2nd Congressional District, a Democratic candidate has shown nothing but respect and class in her campaign. That candidate is Emily Cain of Orono.

I’ve met Cain. She is down to earth. She talks about issues that are important to me — like jobs, the economy, the environment and equality. She is kind and sincere. And she has proven in Augusta that she will work to get things done.

Her endorsements are impressive. She’s been endorsed by EMILY’s List, NARAL, Equality Maine, organized labor and the League of Conservation Voters, all of which will provide her with significant resources and support for both the primary in June and the general election in November.

To make sure working people get a fair voice in Washington, we need Cain. She is the candidate who will be in the best position to spread her message, advocate for progressive values and keep the 2nd Congressional District seat in Democratic hands. I’m voting for Cain on June 10 and hope you will do the same.

Jonathan Griffiths


Back on track

When I recently met Arthur “Archie” Verow, a Democratic candidate running for re-election to Maine House District 128, I was excited to hear his approach to creating well-paying jobs in Maine. He mentioned expanding the successful AMTRAK passenger rail service, greater and improved Internet broadband, and new lobster and seafood processing operations as specific job-creating measures that should be considered.

He told me that he believes that if we hold the line on taxes, lower our utility costs, invest in education, infrastructure, alternative energy, tourism and recreation, businesses that offer well-paying jobs will be attracted our state. I couldn’t agree more.

I know his resume speaks for itself (retired Brewer city clerk, multiple years served on the Brewer City Council and two terms as mayor), but in order for him to put his plans into action, he still needs your vote. I urge everyone in Brewer to cast their ballot for Verow this coming November. Help get Maine back on track.

Nicole Bruns


Vote Poliquin

I am writing to all registered Republicans. Our primary election is next Tuesday, and we have a choice to make for the 2nd Congressional District. Our choice is between Kevin Raye and Bruce Poliquin.

I know both Raye and Poliquin personally, and they are both good men. However, in my opinion, there is only one clear choice and that is Poliquin. He is pro-life, and Kevin is pro-choice. Term limits — Poliquin for, Raye against. Raye has run against the liberal Democrat Mike Michaud at least twice and has lost both times. I have serious doubts that he could win against the very liberal Emily Cain. Raye is too moderate to match up against Cain. They are too similar in their beliefs. We need a clear contrast, and that is Poliquin.

Poliquin has the energy of a 2-year-old, and I do not state that lightly. I have campaigned with him and watched him at the GOP Convention last month. At one point his campaign manager told me he could barely keep up with Poliquin and likened him to the “Energizer Bunny.” He is a real go-getter and, if he gets the nomination next week, he will work harder than anyone else on either side to win in November. I believe he can defeat Cain, and if we give him the opportunity, he will honestly, fairly and tirelessly work to represent every single person in the 2nd District in Congress.

Tom Huffstutler


Electable Republican

If you are a fellow Republican from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District who would dearly like to return the seat to the GOP, there is one clear choice in the upcoming primary election this Tuesday, June 10. Kevin Raye has the legislative experience, the informed perspective and the broad appeal that will lead voters to our side of the ticket come Nov. 4.

If you are a moderate (or mainstream or RINO – Republican In Name Only) like I have been over the past 20-30 years, perhaps you have shared my dismay at the zealots on the far right of our party. For the past several years, the tea party has basically run its course, in my opinion.

Spouting ideology above creating solutions, favoring discourse over cooperation, and boasting about fighting the opposition has gained them the reputation of legislative obstructionists. They are no better than the far left who also have dug their heels in. Results? Many fights, no solutions.

Raye has the legislative experience and the expertise to hold fast to our core Republican ideals while fostering relationships with the other party to reach meaningful compromises that will get results. Many career politicians from both parties have figured that out in the past. Some names that come to mind are Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen, George Mitchell, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and others.

Bruce Poliquin has branded Raye as a liberal in many of the negative TV ads, mailings and communications I have been inundated with over the past days. I would simply say to Poliquin that since he stands alone on the far right, everyone else to the left is a liberal.

Norman K. Ferguson



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