September 23, 2018
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Going green and saving green with cloud-based business phone systems

By Trevor Jones, GWI

Can your business go green by going virtual? According to a Huffington Post article by Jared Seeger, if more companies pushed telecommuting, Americans would use 625 million fewer barrels of oil annually, reduce greenhouse emissions by 107 million tons, and save $43 billion on gas. The combination of reduced costs and increased brand image through social responsibility is becoming more appealing to many businesses, and it’s likely that your competitors are already working to become more efficient through virtualizing.

While it may not be possible for many businesses to go 100-percent virtual, cloud-based business phone systems offer opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint. Cloud-based business phone systems like Hosted PBX can help minimize your company’s environmental impact in several ways:

• Cut down on commuting. Because cloud-based phone systems seamlessly incorporate work from home employees and satellite offices into your communications network and offer robust conferencing solutions, you can collaborate with clients and colleagues online. This means fewer employees need to drive to the office, which reduces your company’s overall impact.

To save even more greenhouse emissions, you can reduce the need for face-to-face meetings with conference calling and video-conferencing features.

• Save on utilities. A Hosted PBX phone will work on virtually any internet connection, so your team members can plug their desk phones in at home, and calls will flow just like they would if the employee was at your office.

In addition, the Find-Me Follow-Me feature allows the phone system to reach your team on their home phone or even a cell phone on the road. This combination of features means anyone on your team can receive business calls anywhere and without interruption for your clients and customers. These features make full-time telecommuting possible for many businesses, this reducing money spent on office utilities, including electricity, heating fuel, rent, and technology expenses.

• Use less power. Put less in landfills. Because a Hosted PBX system is in the cloud, the phone system has less hardware. Not only are you using less electricity to power the system, you’re helping to minimize the production of landline infrastructure. All you need is your existing computer network, Internet connection, and a phone at your desk.

With fewer electronics and peripherals, this means less landfill waste as well.

• Save paper. Faxing and photocopying may seem like a thing of the past, but some industries still rely upon faxing (think medical offices or law firms). Hosted PBX provides sophisticated fax to email features, which minimizes the need to print incoming faxes. In addition, don’t forget those virtual meetings.

Don’t forget that embracing eco-friendly technology is good for the planet and good for your brand. Increasing numbers of customers prefer to do business with socially responsible businesses. Choosing cloud-based business phone systems, along with other green business decisions, will help companies earn the respect of environmentally conscious consumers.


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