Report: Pittsfield substitute teacher fired for calling students ‘stupid’

Posted Jan. 31, 2014, at 6:56 a.m.

PITTSFIELD, Maine — A substitute art teacher was fired last week after fourth-graders at Vickery School said she called them ‘stupid,’ ‘ignorant’ and ‘retarded,’ according to a report in the Morning Sentinel.

School Administrative District 53 Superintendent Dominic DePatsy told the Morning Sentinel that the woman was a substitute teacher, but would not identify her.

Leah May, the mother of s student in the class, told the Morning Sentinel that the teacher taunted students in an art class of mostly 9-year-olds for asking questions on how to complete an art project.

May quoted the teacher as saying, “Aren’t you all just stupid and ignorant? Can’t even do your project?” She said the teacher called one boy “retarded.”

DePatsy told the paper the substitute was there to replace an art teacher who left in December. The substitute won’t be invited back, she said.