April 25, 2018
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Friday, December 27, 2013: Sliding-scale immigration, military benefits cut, guns in classrooms

Maine population

It seems that writers advocating immigration reform always bring up Maine’s alleged “oldest, whitest state” conundrum. I’m confused by the advocates’ claim that Maine needs population growth and a younger age pyramid, when, globally, climate change and looming resource shortages suggest that fast-growing regions might do well to emulate places that are close to achieving population stabilization.

Immigration reform advocates seem to invoke demographics selectively, seldom mention optimum population levels locally or globally, and do not address root causes of rising migration pressures such as climate change or high birth rates in the impoverished tropics. Truly comprehensive immigration reform might start with “sliding scale” immigration allotments that favor countries taking steps towards sustainability, such as conserving forests and promoting family planning.

Tony Taylor


Pension reduction

I found out the day of the vote that the hall of Congress intended to reduce my military pension. Well, go ahead. You in those hallowed halls know what is best for our country. Don’t give a thought about my commitment to you during the 20 years I served my country. My family doesn’t care either, they say forget about the seven years I spent at sea on the flight deck of several aircraft carriers, the numerous deployments in the Gulf and any other world hot spot the U.S. government felt our presence needed.

Being separated from our families, enduring long at-sea periods, risking our life daily, sacrificing freedoms of daily life so our countrymen can continue theirs is what we do. Congress will be fine with its special projects going forward, pensions intact. Re-election will be a certainty, and they and their families will be happy. So keep helping out every special interest. Take some more of my pension. It’s more than I’m worth anyway.

The men and women I served with are a cut above members of Congress. They have had to make the right decision many times when the easier, wrong decision would have hurt less. But we know congressmen and women want to get re-elected, so they should take our pension. I hope it helps.

David Robinson


Guns and safety

“Guns and safety” means no guns to people with no common sense. In the Arapahoe High School shooting, the media has hardly mentioned the fact that an armed deputy sheriff, working as a school resource officer, prevented further violence without firing his weapon.

After the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech several family members of the victims actively called for more gun control laws. Holly Adams refused to join that movement though her daughter was also a victim. She had the common sense to say, “I would give anything if that day, that morning, somebody in the classroom was armed and could have stood up and taken Cho out before he got 32 victims. I wish there had been a gun in the classroom.”

Steven Williams



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