May 22, 2018
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013: Government spending priorities, climate change myths and tea party politics

Spending dollars

Americans need to think seriously about what they want their government to spend their money and treasure on.

About 10 years ago, most Americans seemed to have no objection to the federal government spending hundreds of billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of lives on an unnecessary war in Iraq. We will be paying for that war for the rest of our lives and our children’s lives in the form of medical and other benefits for the thousands of troops that were maimed in that war.

Now, many Americans are opposed to its government spending money to help provide needed health care insurance — which will actually save us money in the long run — for their fellow people.

I know how I would spend the money. How about you?

Steven Colburn


Cultural heritage

Is the concession contract for Acadia National Park a ” done deal” with Dawnland LLC, a subsidiary of Ortega National Parks LLC? Let’s hope not.

What possible basis does the Northeast Regional Office give for allowing a large corporation from New Mexico that has never done business in Maine to “take over” and hijack a beloved part of our local cultural heritage dating back to the 1890s?

Acadia is unique in that the national park is not the basis for our community. Rather Acadia is an intimate, interwoven part of our local island community that has been graciously donated, cared for and preserved by generations of families deeply rooted here.

I attended a meet-and-greet gathering hosted by Shane Ortega, president of Ortega National Parks, on Wednesday evening. He and his employees used the term “takeover” three times to describe their winning the concession contract at Acadia.

Ortega described their plans for a “grab-and-go operation, similar to Whole Foods.” He said that they would sell popovers to go, as most people wanted to grab food and run, rather than sit down. If you have ever enjoyed a visit to the Jordan Pond House, you might recognize that what Ortega’s Dawnland LLC plans to offer is like a virtual experience compared to partaking in a time-honored island Maine tradition.

Please help our island community preserve the integrity of a part of our cultural heritage. We love to share our traditions but should never, ever be forced to turn them over to large out-of-state for-profit corporations.

Suzanne Foster

Bar Harbor

Expel climate myths

The year 2012 marked the hottest year on record, and it looks as though 2013 is going to result in even higher temperatures. The National Organization for Atmospheric Administration has announced that a rise in serious hurricanes will accompany the rising temperatures in 2014.

Extreme weather conditions and changing temperatures are not only affecting the environment but are costing taxpayers money.

Science has proven that rise in global temperatures increases extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts and storms such as Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. The cost of these two storms in the Northeast have been estimated at more than $80 billion.

Oct. 29 marked the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. As we remember the tragedy resulting from the storm, also remember the cause of climate change. It is real. It is happening. Visit to learn the truth and expel the myths surrounding climate change.

Jennifer Austin


When is victory?

I wish that 20 million of the 25 million people looking for work would hurry up and quit looking for work. This would get our unemployment down, and we could declare the economic downturn over and celebrate victory. This will not leave enough people in the workforce to increase federal tax revenues, but we can balance the budget by slashing Social Security, Medicare and defunding Obamacare. This will only leave about 60 million people with food insecurity, but we can cure that by reducing the funding for food stamps. This will take a real bipartisan effort like we have seen recently.

Wilbur Clark

Presque Isle

Boehner power

A clean budget bill had enough votes to pass both houses, but House Speaker John Boehner prevented it from coming to the floor for a vote. An immigration bill has enough votes to pass both houses but hasn’t yet made it to the floor because it’s been held up by Boehner. I’d say this guy has too much power.

If he thinks he is speaking for the people, he is wrong; look at the votes. If he thinks he is a moderate, mainstream Republican, he is wrong again; he is controlled by the tea party, and no one would call them moderate. I hope the people of Ohio take note of the fact that this man, who might have represented their opinions at one time, has become a tea party puppet.

He needs to be removed as speaker, and then he needs to be voted out of the House.

Carolyn Bower


NSA disgust

I am disgusted with the current administration in Washington for the National Security Agency’s monitoring of the messages of our allies and for using drones that kill innocent civilians.

But where does one turn?

To the so-called tea party? I say “so-called” because their goals seem nowhere like those of the lads who threw the tea in Boston harbor to protest no participation in the government that was ruling them. Today’s “tea party” members seem intent on overthrowing a legally elected government because they disagree with the laws being enacted.

Maybe the new name for them should be the “Antoinettes” because so many of their actions mirror the attitude of Marie Antoinette of France before the French Revolution when she reportedly said — after hearing that the peasants were starving because they had no bread — “Let them eat cake.”

Maynard Clemons


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