May 26, 2018
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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013: Rockland council, Shenna Bellows, Rockport library

Running for Rockland

I have lived and worked in Rockland for 13 years, where I have been involved in numerous organizations. I’d like to extend my work to the Rockland City Council.

From these groups, I learned skills in collaboration, policy development and good listening. I will stand up for my convictions on the council and for the concerns of residents.

Why am I running for Rockland City Council? Because I care about Rockland and its residents. I want to be part of the solutions to the problems facing the city.

I am running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, preservation conservation and integrity.

I want our tax dollars to be used carefully and wisely. I want our development, redevelopment and revitalization challenges to be carefully and compatible with sustainable building practices and the wishes of the community.

There are many challenges that have not been resolved: We need a more balanced budget without service cuts or accounting gimmicks; and we need a well-maintained infrastructure, including trimmed trees, fixed potholes, repaired sidewalks and better paved roads.

Rockland is growing, and we need to carefully manage that growth to keep our city affordable and livable.

I want to encourage and support small and local businesses and make sure they are put on a level playing field with large businesses.

Most of all, I want Rockland to keeps its unique qualities and sense of community.

It takes someone with vision to lead Rockland to sound management and prosperity. I can fulfill those needs.

Hal Perry



Historic candidate

Something very exciting happened in Eliot last night. A young woman with a fresh face and a courageous plan announced her intention to become Maine’s next U.S. senator. Shenna Bellows is the daughter of a rural upstate carpenter and a mother who became a nurse in her 50s. Bellows’ back story and professional achievements are awe-inspiring. Her “to do list” to repair our broken government and restore our faith in it is electrifying.

This is a candidate of character who postponed her recent wedding until all populations in Maine were permitted to marry. Rational and reasonable, as the former head of Maine’s ACLU, she fought as hard for rights of gun owners as she did for women’s reproductive freedom. And when the fabricators of so-called voter fraud from within and out of state tried to rig our election(s), Bellows beat them back and preserved voter rights.

This “intrepid” lady, as former state Sen. Peter Bowman called her, is the total package, and the sizable group privileged to be at her takeoff was as surprised, rapt and inspired as I was. Sen. Susan Collins has never had the forward motion, vision or promise that seems so paramount in Bellows. If we’re lucky, there comes a moment or two when we believe we are privy to history being made — in a good way. Bellows is destined to be a very special history maker.

Carol Selsberg


Potential for kids

In the blur of attention given to the withdrawals facing RSU 24, it seems some very cool programs have been relegated to the sidelines. Of particular note would be the Liberal Arts Pathways program at Sumner Memorial High School — a truly student-centered program offering creative options for a variety of students. LA Pathways was recognized by the Maine Department of Education in 2010 for giving students voice and space to guide their learning while maintaining rigor and creativity. The program continues to thrive under the direction of Korah Soll, who joined the team last year with 15 years experience in alternative education.

Creative programs truly matter in the day-to-day educational lives of our students. With a recent grant from Learning Works/AmeriCorps, we have the opportunity to build on these programs and create an inspired school for our children. Along with the dedication of the Community School Organization, we can develop a range of opportunities for all to get involved. Please come to our next CSO meeting 6 p.m. Nov. 6, at Sumner, to find out how you can make a difference, or call AmeriCorps site coordinator Abby Harmon at 266-0906 for more information.

I believe in our community, and I believe in the potential of our kids. I hope you share that belief. The RSU may look very different soon enough, but what really matters is what is happening right now in our community’s school.

Alison Johnson

CSO Co-Chair, Sumner Memorial High School

Birch Harbor


Improve our library

The town of Rockport is considering ways to improve our library. The library committee recently concluded that the best solution is a new library at a different site at a projected cost of nearly $5 million. This recommendation was made, in part, because the committee was under the impression that building and zoning regulations prohibit any expansion of our present library.

By passing Article 2 on the Nov. 5 ballot, it may be possible for us to enlarge the present library. This would allow us to keep the library in the downtown district and escape a major part of what would be a significant expenditure and debt.

Article 2: Shall an Ordinance entitled, “Ordinance amending the Rockport Land Use Ordinance Section 1414 to allow Governmental and institutional uses in a Stream Protection District if also located in the Rockport Downtown District 913,” be enacted?

We recommend a yes vote on Article 2 so that we have more than just the option provided by the library committee.

Tom and Carol Latta


‘Throw them out’ party

After reading the Oct. 25 BDN letter to the editor from Larry Davenport, I say “Kudos to you, Larry.” He hit the proverbial nail on the head. Now that billionaire George Soros has jumped on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon for 2016, it’s going to be a long road ahead.

I just hope I can stay on this side of the grass long enough to collect at least 50 percent of the Social Security that my employers and I paid from 1961 to 2001 to the thieves in Washington.

Now in 2013, Washington wants to run our health care, and the majority of people were duped again. I certainly have sympathy for my grandchildren if this country is not turned around.

Time for all of us to join the party of “Throw them all out.”

Gene Legassey


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