July 16, 2018
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Friday, October 25, 2013: Taxes, drug addiction and liberals

Taxing situation

Federal and state taxes are obligatory for all workers. In Massachusetts my husband and I paid taxes as active public employees on our earnings, which were contributed to our future pensions. Massachusetts does not tax any such in-state pensions. But some retirees choose to retire out of state such as we did. Once a new state residence is adopted in another state that has a state tax, the retiree faces being taxed again on that pension contribution. In our case we already were taxed in Massachusetts. Maine now requires we pay an income tax. We are retired here and on a fixed income, and this is an unfair hardship. I know of many retirees who will move out of Maine or choose not to retire here in the first place because of this situation.

This double taxation has to be corrected in the state of residence by legislation. There is legislation already filed by Rep. Wendell Weaver. It will be considered in the next legislative session. If you are a Maine retiree who is unjustly being taxed twice on the same earnings, contact your legislator and ask them to contact Weaver and sign or co-sponsor the filed bill.

Then spread the word, and get involved. Remember, legislators are influenced by the number of their constituents who care about an issue. Those impacted by this would also appreciate the support of all Maine people. Contact Patricia Callahan at callahan116@gmail.com and/or Marie Ardito at mardito@retireesunite.org; 1-781-365-0205 if you want further information.

Karen E. Holmes


Drugs, delusion

I have one question for those who say we should give up on the war on drugs and just legalize them. Will drugs then be free? If not, what would lead you to believe that anything would change? On top of essentially giving up on the addicted, we will still see crime. We will still see family members abused, stolen from and lied to. The community will still suffer.

Does anyone honestly believe that an addict is going to say, “OK, so drugs are legal. I’d better go find a job to support my habit”? If so, you are deluded.

If we have any hope of gaining ground on addiction, we have got to identify those in trouble before they get into the system for illegal activities. We have got to be willing to intrude upon their lives if they’ve shown cause to question them. Those who have experienced addiction through family members will surely agree that we should do everything in our power to identify and aid these people as early on as possible.

Bottom line, we are failing our residents — those addicted and the communities they reside in. Legalizing drugs will do nothing to change that.

Gregory Bouchard


Social Security entitlement

Is there anyone beside me who ever wonders when and where Social Security became an entitlement as often referred to by the left wing socialist regime? Hard-working Americans were forced to contribute to this fund, with an employer match, and supposedly this was a trust fund that would always be there.

In 1968 President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic cohorts concocted a plan to use this money to pay the country’s debts rather than tell the populace the true cost of the war and other socialist programs being forced on the populace. Granted it was only an accounting maneuver, but the fund ended up with a bunch of worthless IOUs.

Now all excess monies are used, and we have $2.6 trillion worth of useless government debt. Spent the money, can’t raise taxes, so they want to lie again to the public and tell us we have to take less. I say kick them all to the curb, start fresh, no government pensions paid until Social Security obligations are met. Elect an all-new governing body with stringent controls and people with ethics, and force the “ruling elite” to live by the same laws we commoners must.

Larry Davenport

Fort Fairfield

Liberal politics 101

Letter writer Jacob Gran is now learning another of life’s lessons in regards to liberalism: “Ignore the facts, marginalize the individual, and spin the message to satisfy one’s own ideology.”

Ed Barrood, who responded to Gran in an Oct. 22 letter, might have had a point if Gran’s teacher had: presented both sides of the issue fairly, supposedly, “the facts;” knew anything at all about Jacob’s background, referring to parents, his religious leader, myopic beliefs and superstitions, “marginalizing;” and lastly there’s the “spin” that Jacob’s teacher was “acting professionally,” “exposing children to many ideas,” and “challenging staid opinions to expand their horizons and must be congratulated.”

Apparently Jacob is no lemming, and for that I congratulate him.

Phillip G. Pitula


Garden project shines

The Waldo County Garden Project has operated by the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center since 2010.

MCRRC clients volunteer time to assist me (I also volunteer) with this project. Seven thousand pounds of vegetables were produced in 2010, 11,000 pounds in 2011, 20,000 pounds in 2012 and 26,200 pounds this year. They were delivered to approximately 20 entities in Waldo County, including food cupboards, Senior Spectrum, The Game Loft, churches, etc.

MCRRC clients are extremely proud of this project and are pleased to give something back to Waldo County citizens. One client volunteered for every shift.

The garden has proven more successful than we ever hoped. The clients have been dependable, willing and cooperative in making this project successful, and we thank them for that. Hundreds of pounds of vegetables have been shipped to food cupboards and other entities. At times a ton of fresh vegetables a week are shipped at the height of the growing season.

We receive many expressions of appreciation from citizens for the produce they have received. Special thanks to Sheriff Scott Story, a staunch supporter of this project, Cpl. Christopher Albert who keeps schedules organized and changed at a moment’s notice, and Bill Browning who sees that the vegetables arrive on time and at the right location.

William Shorey

Chairman, Waldo County Commissioners

Project Manager, MCRCC Waldo County Garden Project


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