June 22, 2018
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Interview with a psychic — is it all hocus pocus magic? Or is there more to it?

By Kathleen Pierce, BDN Staff

Who: Pamela Loffredo

What: Psychic, medium, medical intuitive, tarot master, channeler

Where: Leapin’ Lizards, Portland

How long have you been psychic?

Forever. Professionally since 1995.

But I’ve been doing this intuitive work without knowing it since childhood. Even in my closet, my little fort that I created as a five year old, I would get visitors. My mother would call them imaginary friends. Some of these imaginary friends are not so imaginary to people who hear and see them.

Is this a skill you can learn?

I’ve always been able to hear other entities from not earth. And have come to find over many, many, many years, why me and not others.

How come?

I’m able to innately, I was born with it, pierce this dimension and hit a dimensional overlap and go right through to the next one. I am multi-dimensional, we all are. I just know how to go through the veil, as other people do not know how to pierce the veil.

What’s the veil?

That’s one of the cards in tarot, the high priestess. It means I cannot see because the veil is here, the shroud. I can’t remember who I am or why I came to earth. When you lift the veil you are able to see clearly who you are, why you are here, why you came to the planet, what you came here to do. It has a lot to do with seeing beyond the veil, see the big truth, the bigger picture instead of the surface of life right here.

What do tarot cards tell us, or help us figure out?

The fool’s journey is designed to bring us from birth to the end of our life having really, really gained a lot of ground as a soul energy. All those pitfalls along the way, those things that we don’t see coming, those unexpected things, those 2-by-4s that come out of the blue along life’s journey. The fool’s journey represents being young and naive, and innocent, and pure-hearted and childlike and unfettered and thinking the world is my oyster.

Through the school of hard knocks we learn it’s not always an oyster. It means learning how to troubleshoot your life in all the right ways without life hardening you. Without life weakening you. Life should strengthen you, not weaken you. It’s designed to teach us to make us stronger not weaker. But that’s always a choice and an option.

How so?

By gaining ground and not repeating the patterns of life that sabotage us. We can blame anyone, even if an element can be true. If your father abused you growing up for example. Eventually you have to break out and make choices and not dwell on it. We’ve got to learn to overcome it. Don’t repeat the cycle. Break that cycle, that pattern. It’s all about learning balance. That’s all it is.

Is this hocus pocus magic? What’s at play here?

This will line up to show you everything you believe. This is the law of energy. Whatever you believe and expect is going to be given to you. If you unplug with those old beliefs, that you have to work five jobs in order to get anywhere … if you say that life is teeming with abundance as long as I’m aligned with my soul purpose, I should have all the abundance that’s due.

Sounds easy. How do you do it?

When you get real with yourself and admit to yourself, I’m not happy in this marriage or doing this work. I don’t want to do this, I want to start something new now.

We are the only ones that get in the way of new. We are too old to do this new thing. No you are not. You can always do another new and different thing. It’s always just a simple choice. Then you make a simple commitment to that choice and then you back up that choice. That’s the only way to get it done. Make a choice and commitment and just do it and don’t look back. Then you have that flow and follow through.

So finding your flow is about peace of mind?

The universe is designed to bring in flow and harmony. We are the ones that make it difficult. We are the ones that pile on the all hard stuff instead of keeping it basic and keeping it simple. Balance is the key on planet earth. As long as we have balance in all areas of our life, we have karmic balance then. When we have excessive energy anywhere on either side, we are going to deal with some kind of karmic imbalance that will continue until we get it and change that here and then it never shows up again. It goes away. I believe it — I’m living proof of that.

People ask you about careers, love and money. But you look at bigger issues, such as why we are here. What’s the answer?

To learn and gain things. We are not here to make trouble and have a piss poor time of things, we are really not here to be tormented and tortured. But your life can really look that way and usually it equals your own personal choices, no matter who you want to blame for them. You still decided to do it. You still thought about it and you chose to do it. I don’t believe in regrets at all. There is no regret. Just don’t repeat things that don’t serve you. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or psychic to figure it out.

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