Woman ejected from vehicle in Etna crash after husband falls asleep while driving

Posted Sept. 17, 2013, at 10:06 p.m.

ETNA, Maine — A man and wife are lucky to be alive after the SUV they were riding in rolled over on Interstate 95, ejecting the woman.

The rollover occurred about 4:30 p.m. in Etna, as a couple originally from Egypt but now living in Maine were heading south on Interstate 95.

The husband told police that he fell asleep behind the wheel of the couple’s Ford Expedition, Hashey said. The SUV then careened out of control and rolled over several times.

“He barrel rolled his vehicle right down the interstate. It actually left gouge marks on the interstate off onto the righthand side. His wife was ejected,” Hashey said.

The couple’s names, ages and hometown were not available Tuesday night.

Although the wife was thrown from the vehicle, she did not suffer serious injuries. It was not clear if she was wearing a seat belt, Hashey said. He said the husband was not injured.

The rollover happened about 45 minutes after a high speed chase on the northbound travel lanes ended in a crash in Carmel.

While state troopers were still dealing with the Etna rollover, another accident involving a motorist who struck a guardrail occurred right behind it, Hashey said. He suspected that the third accident was a result of traffic slowing down due to the rollover. Details about that accident were not available Tuesday night.