May 22, 2018
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013: Social Security, mud-slinging and kids with guns

Military travesty

The drastic reduction in contract dollars going to Maine Military Authority in Limestone is a travesty. Thirty years ago, the Canadian government made this same mistake. Canada invested millions in a fighter jet program that developed the world’s most advanced fighter jet, the Arrow. After the development of two prototypes, the program became a political football and was abandoned by the government. The best aerospace program in the world was dismantled, and the engineers and workers came to corporations in the United States.

The same mistake is being made by the United States government. Maine Military Authority has assembled the finest workforce available and has constructed the finest modern military refurbishment facility in America. The quality and value of our service and product is the best in the world. The military equipment we refurbish is in immediate need of repair, and the military is in great need of our services. The readiness sustainment of our military should be a priority. The best value available to the American taxpayer is at Maine Military Authority.

Wilbur Clark

Presque Isle

Solutions, please

There’s an easy way to make the Social Security system solvent: Eliminate the cap. People who earn less than $113,700 pay out of every paycheck, all year long. Let everyone who earns more than $113,700 contribute out of every paycheck, and the system will be swimming in money. It’s so obvious.

Patricia Kahn

Tenants Harbor

Anonymous sources

Why does the BDN use up so much space to print allegations of comments made by Gov. Paul LePage dealing with racial issues and President Barack Obama? Especially when the reports of comments by LePage are coming from individuals who hide their identity?

This is mud-slinging at its best, and the BDN has bought right into it. I realize the BDN and the governor are not on the best of terms, but printing these allegations repeatedly will likely not generate much goodwill in the future.

Walt Huffman

Old Town

Concert extension

Our current Bangor City Council will soon be extending its contract with Waterfront Concerts. At this time, we are already locked in with Waterfront Concerts until 2016.

What has Waterfront Concerts done to control the noise? Should we not wait until 2015 and see how it fixes this problem before entering into a contract until 2021? Why have we not even put this out for bid?

The city of Portland received $54,000 for just one concert, according to a 2012 story that ran in the BDN. Why can’t Bangor get that type of revenue? Why not have Waterfront Concerts open up its books so we can realize how we can actually help the voters’ and homeowners’ tax base?

Victor Kraft, Bangor City Council candidate


Comic misses mark

Lynn Johnston’s July 25 comic strip “For Better or For Worse” about kids playing with toy weapons sends a dreadful message. Two, in fact.

First, that it would be more fun for kids to shoot with real weapons. Second, that our soldiers are “lucky” — the author’s word — to be able to really shoot and be shot at.

On her website, Johnston explains she she aiming for irony, but she missed the mark for those many readers who will take her message literally.

Tracy Hastings


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