May 22, 2018
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Local sports results for Aug. 23, 2013


Today’s games


Boys Soccer

Easton at Fort Fairfield, 1 p.m.

Girls Soccer

Easton at Fort Fairfield, 1 p.m.

Sunday’s Games


Women’s Soccer

Maine at Bryant, 1 p.m.



Boys Soccer

Tuesday’s Results

Easton 1, Ashland 1 (2OT)

Wednesday’s Results

Fort Kent 1, Presque Isle 1 (2OT)

Washburn 3, Van Buren 1

Thursday’s Results

Wisdom 3, Fort Fairfield 2

Friday’s Results

Easton 8, LCS/MSSM 1

Washburn 2, Hodgdon 0

Girls Soccer

Tuesday’s Results

Ashland 3, Easton 2 (OT)

Wednesday’s Results

Fort Kent 1, Presque Isle 0

Washburn 8, Van Buren 1

Thursday’s Results

Easton 5, Limestone 4

Fort Fairfield 3, Wisdom 0

Friday’s Results

Van Buren 3, Madawaska 2

Washburn 8, GHCA 0


Women’s Soccer

Friday’s Results

Maine 1, Holy Cross 0

Field Hockey

Friday’s Exhibition Results

Maine 4, Holy Cross 0


Lionel Choiniere

NEWPORT — Lionel Choiniere of Chelmsford, Mass., shot a hole-in-one Friday playing at Newport Country Club. He aced the 105-yard sixth hole using a 9-iron. Choiniere’s shot was witnessed by Donald Gosselin and RIchard Hereux.


At Kebo Valley Golf Club

Green Mountain Beat the Pro — Net: Ed Darling 65, Karl Hallett 67, Andrew Cough 68, Lynn Goodwin 69, Drew Myers 70, John Frank 70, Steve Shelton 70, Francis Russell 71, Hank Tibbetts 72, John Vickery 72

At Northport Golf Club

Gross: Janet White (46); net: Jeanne Tuttle (41)

Harness racing

Union Fair

Saturday’s Starters, 1 p.m.

First, Pace, $4,500

1. You’re News, M. Cayouette

2. Country Fresh, R. Cushing

3. Hawk’s Cry Electra, W. Campbell

4. Insider Tip, C. Nye

5. Flatrock Chocolate, B. Blanchard

Second, Pace, $1,800

1. McPfast Bluegrass, C. Nye

2. Jungle War, G. Mosher

3. Angel of Desire, W. Campbell

4. Tollfree Hanover, R. Armstrong

5. I Scoot Past You, R. Cushing

6. JK RC Bettor Yet, C. MacKenzie

Third, Pace, $4,000

1. Bettor’s Night, D. Gray

2. Artemus Major, W. Campbell

3. Shocked Ivy, S. Thayer

4. Jessy Boy J M, G. Mosher

5. Hay You Hellion, C. Nye

6. Redestrian, G. Bowden

7. Bens Beach Boy, R. Cushing

8. Ashnstellsfun, A. Harrington

Fourth, Pace, $5,000

1. Pilgrims Toner, R. Cushing

2. Press Your Luck, W. Campbell

3. Stylemaster, G. Mosher

4. Wantsomeofthis, M. DeRuntz

5. Blissfullsreaction, S. Thayer

6. Pembroke Joe Dunn, G. Bowden

Fifth, Trot, $4,500

1. Muscana, K. Ireland

2. Roadshow Vic, M. Cushing

3. G Five, C. Nye

4. Dropofthehammer, S. Thayer

5. Keystone Howie, M. DeRuntz

6. Tender N Kind, G. Bowden

7. Puzzlement, W. Campbell

8. Stormont O My, G. Mosher

Sixth, Pace, $3,400

1. G W McLintock, B. Blanchard

2. Go Into Thechapel, S. Thayer

3. Mac N Ernie, G. Bowden

4. Ghostbuster, R. Cushing

5. I’m A Lucky Man, A. Harrington

6. Charlie By Far, C. Nye

7. Remix, W. Campbell

8. Chianaglia, G. Mosher

Seventh, Pace, $5,000

1. Rawdon Gold Digger, C. Nye

2. Art’s Sake, R. Cushing

3. Dream Well, C. Cushing

4. Fear Itself, A. Harrington

5. Scootin Bliss, G. Mosher

6. Extreme Measure, W. Campbell

Eighth, Pace, $2,800

1. Maid En Paris, R. Cushing

2. Henry’s Choice, M. DeRuntz

3. The Power of Grin, A. Harrington

4. Vicky Killean, G. Mosher

5. A Work of Heart, C. Nye

6. Notin Fancy, G. Bowden

7. Red Slippers, W. Campbell

Ninth, Pace, $6,000

1. Gracie Gracie, G. Mosher

2. Late Nite Flight, R. Cushing

3. Wholly Louy, C. Nye

4. Joseph Michael, G. Bowden

5. Mr Nice Guy, S. Thayer

6. Real Special, W. Campbell

7. Bazilla, A. Harrington

Tenth, Pace, $1,800

1. Two Punch, R. Cushing

2. Four Starz Delivery, W. Campbell

3. Fireball Fred, G. Bowden

4. Martiniwith Olives, M. DeRuntz

5. Lotta Lightning, A. Harrington

6. Hustler Hall, C. Nye

7. New York Express, B. Blanchard

8. Days of Delight, S. Thayer

Sunday’s Starters, 1 p.m.

First, Trot, $2,800

1. Famous Christine, W. Campbell

2. Tabatha, S. Gray

3. Evening Attire, V. Grondin

4. On The Cuff, L. Dancer

5. Ja El Blaze, R. Cushing

Second, Pace, $2,800

1. Keystone Shaye, R. Cushing

2. Panchester United, W. Campbell

3. Town Terror, S. Thayer

4. Burkentine Hanover, S. Gray

5. Ice Out, D. Richards

6. Turtle Soup, M. Athearn

Third, Pace, $4,000

1. I’m All Sporty, S. Gray

2. Medoland Jackie, C. Nye

3. M G Girl, T. Hudson

4. Miracle Lynn, W. Campbell

5. Ms Neutralize, M. Cayouette

6. Upfront Grantsgirl, S. Thayer

7. Poison Ivy, M. DeRuntz

8. Aruba Sunshine, R. Cushing

Fourth, Pace, $2,600

1. Let It Ring, T. Wing

2. Fringant J M, R. Vachon

3. Dual Pats Artist, M. Athearn

4. Made of Iron, R. Cushing

5. Cowgirl Attitude, J. Douglas

6. Too Much To Tell, W. Campbell

7. Gina Frankienjoeyp, S. Gray

Fifth, Trot, $2,300

1. Sharif Kosmos, T. Wing

2. Mystican, R. Hall

3. Harmony T, S. Gray

4. Nooner or Later, R. Smith

5. See Through It, D. Gray

6. Pimlicos Treasure, W. Campbell

7. Wins For Fun, M. McGee

8. Gringo, R. Vachon

Sixth, Pace, $2,600

1. Headturner HJanover, R. Cushing

2. Art Aficionado, S. Gray

3. Canaco Oneida, W. Campbell

4. She’s Always Hot, C. Cushing

5. Tymal Stealth, C. Nye

6. Smokintheboyzroom, S. Thayer

Seventh, Pace, $2,700

1. Warrawee Kiwi, W. Campbell

2. Fort Hamilton, B. Blanchard

3. Western Mark, G. Campbell

4. Velvety Smooth, R. Cushing

5. High Calibre N, S. Gray

6. Admiral Pembroke, A. Harrington

7. Honored Hall, C. Cushing

8. Ms Lynette, S. Thayer

9. Truponder, C. Nye

Eighth, Pace, $2,000

1. Brewster, W. Campbell

2. Cinco De Cinco, S. Gray

3. Vic Victor, C. Nye

4. Flight Forty Eight, B. Merrill

5. Mystical Tenor, S. Thayer

6. Last Stretch, R. Wing Jr.

7. Crosby Blue Chip, R. Hall

Ninth, Pace, $2,600

1. No Surrenders, A. Harrington

2. Saku, S. Thayer

3. RD Shoeless, C. Nye

4. Kass Hall, W. Campbell

5. Heather K, S. Gray

6. Lilly Langtree, R. Cushing

7. Rusty’s Rascal, R. Hall

Tenth, Pace, $3,000

1. Urjokin A, S. Gray

2. Western Bay, C. Cushing

3. Armbro Cayenne, C. Nye

4. Wave That Banner, R. Cushing

5. Ruling V C N, W. Campbell

6. Medoland Snuffy, A. Harrington

7. Electric Syl, S. Thayer

8. Ill Call U Back, R. Smith

Eleventh, Pace, $4,000

1. Kimmie Cam, S. Gray

2. Coconut Cove, V. Grondin

3. Kaylas Sophia, C. Nye

4. Native Bombshell, W. Campbell

5. Devil May Care, S. Thayer

Twelfth, Pace, $2,000

1. Ariel, M. Hardin

2. Pretty Easy Call, R. Cushing

3. Wesgem Princess, C. Cushing

4. Chanteuse Hanover, J. Douglas

5. You Belong With Me, B. Blanchard

6. She Don’t Know, W. Campbell

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