Tasty Bachmann sound bites

Posted May 29, 2013, at 2:51 p.m.

Oh, how the Ames Straw Poll mighty have fallen. In the meantime, Mother Jones has recycled a piece from 2011 listing some of Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s greatest hits, and I humbly submit a few more below. It’s also worth revisiting her Bad Lip Reading sound bite from the presidential campaign.

A floor speech in 2011:

“Obamacare, as we know, is the crown jewel of socialism.”

A 2008 Hardball interview:

“Remember, it was Michelle Obama who said she’s only recently proud of her country. And so these are very anti-American views.”

A 2006 debate against opponent Patty Wetterling:

“I don’t think that it has been established yet as a fact that global warming is the issue of the day . . . one thing that we need to do is look at the science.”

A 2005 Unity Works video:

“If we allow this to happen, group marriage, polygamy, and things much worse may not be far behind.”

And on a less flip note, Helen LaFave, Bachmann’s stepsister who is gay, had this to say about the outgoing congresswoman in 2006:

“I have not had any contact with her for a couple of years and she’s never discussed this with me and I wanted to remind her that she does have family members that this affects.”

Emma Roller is a writer for Slate.