May 25, 2018
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Maine Democrats stooped to the governor’s level with TV complaint

Renee Ordway
By Renee Ordway, Special to the BDN

My husband would like to have a 46-inch TV.

Even my sister, when over for dinner a few weeks ago, commented that we should have a bigger TV.

So much for sibling loyalty.

I’m happy with the smallish flat screen mounted on the wall. It does the job, in my opinion.

We have had a lot of discussions about TVs over the years.

Our kids, for example, thought they should have TVs in their rooms.

“We’d never see you,” I told them, rubbing their heads and kissing their cheeks, “I love you too much to let you have a TV in your room.”

They reluctantly accepted their fate while grumbling that every other kid in Bangor had a TV in their bedroom. But I think they felt our position was one based on love and was in their best interest and in some very, very small and secretive way I think they appreciated that.

They never once threatened to move out.

Of course as they loped their way through their teenage years there was a time or two when I would have most certainly helped them pack their bags should they have opted to.

So Gov. Paul LePage has informed us that he plans to move out of his office because Democrats are objecting to him placing a 46-inch flat screen outside his office in the Hall of Flags.

The TV is on a loop that broadcasts messages that poke at said Democrats for not approving LePage’s budget and a bill to pay off the state’s $186 million debt to hospitals.

The messages keep track of the days since said bill and budget were proposed and asks viewers, “What’s the holdup?”

He sees the area as his “waiting room” of sorts while the Dems see it as part of the Hall of Flags, which would technically be the Legislature’s realm.

Anyway, in order for anyone to display anything out of the ordinary in the State House, one must apparently get approval from the Legislative Council, which consists of more Democratic lawmakers than Republicans.

LePage didn’t ask for permission, fat chance he would have received it if he had, and now has said he’s moving out.

Democratic leaders responded by standing before the media and tsk-tsking the governor, reminding us that rules are made to be followed.

I’ve watched the videos. I’m not sure who looks more foolish.

What I am sure of is that this idiotic display by our leaders in Augusta may provide the best clue for the rest of us as to why things are not getting done and why we are on the verge of perhaps another state shutdown.

If the Democrats are sure of their work, firm in their convictions and confident in their abilities why the hell do they care about a stupid 46-inch TV outside the Governor’s office taking a poke at them?

Big deal.

Don’t they have bigger battles?

They lowered themselves to his level, and his level can go pretty low.

Of course they lucked out when he responded with an equally childish retort saying he was taking his TV and going home, literally leaving the State House by July 1.

Therefore the silly headlines were mostly his.

But the Dems were in the game.

Those are our leaders folks. Aren’t you proud?

Don’t you just want to give ‘em a friendly rub on the head and kiss ‘em on the cheek, or perhaps we should help them pack their bags and move out because though my little TV does its job just fine I’m seriously questioning whether anyone in Augusta is doing theirs.

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