June 25, 2018
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Friday, May 24, 2013: Dinner with the Smileys, abortion profits and factual storm reporting

Community dinner

Through her book, “Dinner with the Smileys,” Sarah Smiley has provided a great service to all military families. Her unique idea led to many observations valuable to all families, while highlighting the challenges military families face dealing with deployments.

One can’t read her book and not come away without an appreciation of what our military families cope with during many deployments. Additionally, one can’t read the book and not appreciate how our community rallies behind not just the Smileys but all military families.

With the national attention, the BDN should be proud of how one of its columnists has helped military families across our services while promoting what is so great about our community.

Doug Farnham


Protecting profits

If Maine’s legislators were really interested in “protecting women’s choice” the committee would have recommended that LD 760, LD 1339 and LD 1193 pass. Maine’s legislators were more interested in protecting the abortion industry.

In regards to LD 760: The abortion industry could lose a few customers if offices had to really inform women about their rights and what the risks are to the woman. In my opinion, it is not a decision between a woman and her doctor if she doesn’t know the name of the doctor performing the abortion.

The New York Times recently wrote about the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell, who made millions of dollars from women’s pain and suffering, is now serving a life sentence. Of course it should be required that the woman be given the name of the doctor performing the abortion.

In regards to LD 1339: Why not have a true consent law requiring that minors or incapacitated persons seeking an abortion have their legal guardian or parents give written consent? Who are we trying to protect, the women or maybe an abuser? The most important thing is the abortion and the money made performing it.

Finally, in regards to LD 1193: The abortion industry does not want anyone, not even the state, to bring a wrongful death suit against it. This law would cut into the large profits. It is not about “protecting women’s choice;” it is about protecting the abortion industry’s profits.

Kathleen Birdsall


Storm coverage

Television coverage of the Oklahoma tornado is alarming. As usual, the story, in my opinion, is shaped as entertainment — overboard on the sentimental nature of personal struggle, loss and a will to rebuild.

Nowhere is there any how and why. No good maps of consistently worsening weather patterns across the tornado belt. No mention that we seem to be entering a time of 100-year storms every few months.

Ironically, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., is one of the leading climate change scoffers, claiming it is a “hoax.” What will it take for the government and corporate-owned media to get honest? The majority of scientists agree global warming is no debate and never was, even though ExxonMobil spent money on a sly campaign to convince us otherwise.

Here it’s OK to mislead the public. Follow the money.

Even after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and now an F5 tornado have killed so many, destroyed billions in property and displaced thousands, even when the Greenland ice cap is clearly disappearing, the United States lumbers along as if this were mere happenstance. This pretty closely matches our war hubris and general stupidity.

Dennis Lopez


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