May 20, 2018
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Friday, April 5, 2013: Income inequality, gay marriage and Dennis Dechaine

Income inequality harms rich, too

Recently an article appeared in the Bangor Daily News about income inequality. Several additional peer reviewed articles in economic and medical journals are pertinent.

One, there is a definite negative correlation between income inequality among nations and GDP growth. Thus income inequality, in the long run, can harm the very rich as well as the rest of us.

Two, there is a definite negative correlation between income inequality and the health of both nations and local populations.

This can be striking, some studies showing as much a six-year difference in life expectancy between wealthy and poor areas of a country as well as a close negative correlation between income inequality and a country’s average life expectancy.

Arthur J. Weiss, M.D.

Little Deer Isle

Taxpayer blackmail

Project Labor Agreements, also known as PLAs, serve only the unions. Essentially, it is a commitment to the contractor that the project will not be held up by strike or overt implementation of onerous work rules in return for a commitment from the contractor that the entire project will be performed by union labor.

It is blackmail and costs the taxpayer plenty. In regards to the recent project proposed by Summit Natural Gas of Maine to install a natural gas pipeline in central Maine, it means that most of the labor may come from out of state, when our workers could surely use the work. Therefore, at least half the payroll will go out of state.

Worse yet, the spike it will put in the prevailing wages, which are mandated in state projects, is something we must pay for going forward, long after the gas company leaves town. Let’s stop this nonsense now.

Davies Allan

Westport Island

A bigger gain

In response to an article about “small gains in same-sex marriage,” to love a gay couple is what Christians do, but to accept the sin is not acceptable to a true Christian. To lust after same sex is unnatural and not what God wants for His children.

The Bible was written by holy men of old for the instruction in righteousness. Those words will never change.

Anyone who changes the words, and goes against the Bible, will be judged. A husband is married to a wife, not another husband, in holy matrimony.

If the courts decide that it’s legal and acceptable for gays to marry, then the people of the courts and whoever is all for it will be held accountable to God. For parents to love both members of the couple is a small gain, but to repent of sins is a better and bigger gain for eternal life.

Dorris Ellis


Wanting to know why

In the case against Dennis Dechaine, there are things I want to know. For example, how does one person transport another person in a vehicle without leaving any of that other person’s fingerprints, hair, fibers, DNA or scent behind?

I want to know how a person can commit murder while under police surveillance or how it is that some people are allowed to carry a badge and gun without carrying any common sense.

I want to know why, when searching for a missing barefoot girl, cops decide the small barefoot set leading into the home of a known pedophile, near the abduction sight, already under investigation for sexually abusing another 12-year-old girl isn’t worthy of a knock on the door — or how a person is convicted of murder when there is absolutely no forensic evidence to support it.

I want to know why cops are allowed to perjure themselves in a court of law and the state is allowed to destroy critical DNA evidence without either being held accountable. I want to know why the judicial system isn’t demanding all remaining evidence be tested.

I want to know why, when there are so many unanswered questions surrounding this case, the people in the positions to get answers won’t.

I want to know why so many people are still gullible enough to believe our justice system is perfect. I really want to know why the state keeps fighting against a retrial, a retrial where all the evidence is heard by a jury.

Sheila Ford


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