Scott Lander

Posted Feb. 25, 2013, at 8:52 p.m.

In Loving Memory Of


Oct. 3, 1972 – Feb. 26, 2010

Hello There Dragonfly

“Watching the crickets, listening to the moon

One tilt per minute, never smiling too soon

Smokey figures lingered, our mark on the prowl

As our protector, you landed him with style

Right then then the world was raw and right lit by many starry nights

Girls climb on aboard, this big MT Saints side

Stands as a silhouette in his own light!

Come on down now, Mr. Dragon fly

Next to the earth, where we can lie

Down in the long grass, you whispered

to him

Get back up there, its where we begin.”

We love and miss you Scott!

Shawn, Kim and Arria