Carrabec High School honor roll

Posted Feb. 05, 2013, at 11:48 a.m.

Carrabec High School, North Anson

Second quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Tucker Atwood, Sarah Larlee, Morgen Pluntke, Arielle Rolfe and Darren Sheridan; honors: Avery Boucher, Nicholas Bowman, Charie Cole, Megan Cole, Danyell Coro, Michaela Forsten, Courtney Frost, Tamika LaCroix, Brandon LeHay, Glenn Lumbert, Caleb McCoy, Brian Morin, Brittany Nile, Connor Pinkham, Shelby Royce, Joelle Serafino, Kristofer Sterry and Maeve Weggler.

Grade 11, high honors: Troy Dunphy; honors: Ebenezer Anton, Kaitlin LaCroix, John Layman, MaKayla Leeman, Levi Murray, Skyla Murray, John North and Jessica Vaillancourt.

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Grade 10, high honors: Nichole Bowman and Emma Foss; honors: Kobe Cancel, William Coldwell, Leaonna Dunphy, Ian Miller, Kilee Nile, Adam Poulin, Jerzee Rugh and Cheyenne Williams.

Grade nine, high honors: Brandon Dixon; honors: Devon Ayotte, Eric Baker Jr., Taylor Bartlett, Bianca Beaulieu, Shenciaray Black, Liberty Chestnut, Autumn Holzworth, Jonathen Jackson and Morgan Steward.

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