June 23, 2018
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Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013: Gun control, safety helmets and FBI

Gun protection, control

The Children’s Defense Fund wants people to believe that we need to get rid of guns to protect the children. However, when reading the FBI website for murders by age, it gets interesting.

For children up to age 4, the majority of murders are caused by hands, feet and fists followed by incidents classified as “other” which includes drowning. Then comes firearms.

Why then the focus on guns as a danger to children? I submit that their real agenda is to remove guns from the people, not for their protection, but for their control.

First the guns, then the control of the masses by a few in “government,” then what? The website, publicintelligence.net published a report of how it thinks the military would respond to the “what.”

In the report, it says the following policies regarding deadly force will be observed: Give an order to halt; warning shot will not be fired; when a firearm is discharged it will be fired with the intent of rendering the person or persons at whom it is discharged incapable of continuing that activity or course of behavior prompting the individual to shoot.

That is what our young soldiers may do if we do not follow orders. It has happened before. Are we ready?

Larry Grimard


Safety helmets overdue

State Rep. Richard Malaby, a Republican from Hancock, has introduced a bill, L.D. 65, which would require something I believe is long overdue. It requires Maine motorcyclists to wear safety helmets.

We will now see if the Maine Legislature can stand square-chinned and tall on this commonsense issue, which it has not been able to do before, and enact it.

Be prepared to stand up to a lot of loud individual and organized shouts and protests, but remember that the constituents often pay a share of the medical costs for those who wish to ride wild and free and have a life-altering accident.

Bill Shook


Ignoring half of Amendment

It is amazing to me that the people who jump up and down while beating their chests loudly about their Second Amendment right to bear assault weapons are so silent about the “well-regulated militia” part of that amendment.

Russell Mullins

Fort Kent

FBI’s system flawed

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System seems to have flaws in the process. The system incorporates information about people with mental illness and those who have committed crimes.

Furthermore, submission by Maine, or any state, of the names of all those who were merely “blue-papered” for three days of observation, is also wrong.

They can take a risk in deciding to hospitalize someone they deem a possible danger to themself or others, knowing that hospital psychiatrists will confirm that judgment, or not. Some people are let go immediately, some released after the three-day observation.

Placing their names on a list of those deemed dangerous punishes and criminalizes innocent people without a fair legal hearing and judicial review and action.

At the very least, the authorities should place those with mental illness into a separate, differently named, registry, apart from the criminal list.

Instead of an “instant check,” the FBI would have a “two-instant check” system. Surely their technology can handle that.

Judith de Ponceau


Celebration success

Camden’s “Winterfest” celebration held on Jan. 26 was the perfect example of what to do on a winter day and a perfect use of Camden’s amphitheatre.

A crowd of skaters, families, ice carvers and onlookers came out to enjoy the brisk air, live music, hot food and children’s activities.

There was an astonishing amount of community support behind the celebration. I would like to thank each and every one of the organizations and individuals who contributed to the event this year.

The wonderful event and support buoys us as we start thinking about Winterfest 2014.

Ken Gross

Program Director

Camden Public Library

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