June 23, 2018
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Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013: Gun rights, test violations and budget cuts

Gun rights, common sense

In a recent article distributed to its members, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine stated that gun owner’s “rights are about to face the greatest challenge of our lifetime.”

This is true if you are a proponent of assault-type weapons, which I am not. This sportsman and a number of my friends would not join the National Rifle Association because of its hardline stance on blocking any kind of ban on assault-type weapons and high-capacity clips.

I am disgusted that the alliance has decided to take the same position as the NRA.

I have been a faithful member of the alliance for many years. I also attended and brought friends to all of the group’s events until the general membership was no longer invited to attend.

I am 70 years old and have been an avid hunter all my life. I am the proud owner of 11 hunting


I am sorry it has come to this, but if supporting assault weapons and high-capacity clips is how the alliance feels this sportsman’s money should be spent, I will no longer be renewing my membership.

Jenness R. Gushee, Sr.


Testing violations impact

The Bangor Daily News recently reported on the Robert Lucy investigation of alleged standardized testing violations committed in 2011 by the then Orono Middle School principal, who later was promoted to assistant superintendent of Bangor public schools.

Columnist Renee Ordway further illuminated this matter by highlighting growing taxpayer costs of what appears to be an apparent “go slow” approach to conclude this matter.

Failure to proceed in a reasonable amount of time is puzzling. Why the pedestrian pace?

Meanwhile Lucy has been paid nearly $36,000 while on administrative leave, and the investigating attorney charges are now approaching $7,000.

All school-level officials who are associated with this case should be aware of the public trust and interest in public education and its delivery system.

Bangor Superintendent Betsy Webb reportedly said she had no idea when the investigation might be finished.

Without intruding or influencing the impartiality and due process of the investigation, the superintendent surely can provide the necessary oxygen to see this important task is completed in a timely manner.

The impact of further delay may lead to long-term unintended perceptions and consequences for public education, its advocates, parents, students and voters. Today more than ever, accountability matters.

Ted Berkey


Second Amendment truths

Once again, the media and some U.S. senators and representatives are skewing the truth concerning the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

They seem to be trying to re-teach the meaning of the amendment. They constantly refer to sportsmen and hunters as if that was the intent of the Second Amendment.

It is not, and they all know it. The amendment is meant to prevent our government from leaning toward tyranny, dictatorship or any other totalitarian form of government.

It rightly gives we the people the right to form militias — in other words, an army to take back and defend our freedoms and liberties.

The Second Amendment is militaristic and was instituted to keep our country free. If the government is allowed to legislate gun laws, then we are in danger.

If at any time I want to join a militia and have to fight for liberty and freedom again, I want the

same weapons the police and the military are allowed to have.

I don’t want to fight with pitchforks against tanks like the Hungarians had to do and lost to the Russians. No one should believe for one minute that the days of tyranny are over.

We are constantly under attack from terrorists and surrounded with dictators who would love to see us fall.

To take away our right to possess arms is unconstitutional, and our media should be stressing these facts, not joining in the knee-jerk reaction our leaders seem to be supporting.

Howard Cutler


Bad move in tough times

If the state has revenue troubles resulting in budget cuts, why, at this time, are they trying to buy land in Perry?

The idea is to sell a garage in Pembroke and move down the road five miles and build a new

garage in Perry.

This makes no sense to me in these hard financial times.

Julia Foley


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