May 21, 2018
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Friday, Jan. 11, 2013: Washington County drama, guns and liberal spending


News not drama

In regards to past and present “news” coming out of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office — Benjamin Newman’s pistol left in the restroom and now the firing of the chief deputy — this is just old-style sheriff department politics and really isn’t worth the print to report it.

Sheriff Donnie Smith needs to take a page from Sheriff Glen Ross’s book and just zip it, as do the people who have an argument with him.

In addition the BDN needs to stop writing stories about this dysfunctional department. It only fuels the fire.

I’m sure there are many hard-working men and women who work there and would just as soon like to see something good reported rather than all this drama.

David Winslow



Guns in our schools

Bertrand Russell, a British mathematicians once said, “Of all our passions, fear weakens judgment most.”

No one denies that the Newtown, Conn., murders of 20 children and six adults on Dec.14

by a deranged individual was a horrendous act. It still resonates with many Americans.

It also focused America on a burgeoning problem it has: 300 million guns and growing.

The National Rifle Association says the way to fix the problem of school shootings and radical gun supporters is to arm school teachers.

There are more than 140,000 schools in America. On the low side, let’s say we arm 10 teachers per school. That’s 1.4 million guns that will be floating in our schools where none existed previously.

You now have 1.4 million teachers who have had no gun training whatsoever now armed

with loaded guns.

Most have never shot a gun in their lives, and now will be called on to shoot to kill.

On Dec. 29. in Gloucester Township, N.J., a 39-year-old detainee overpowered a female officer and shot three police officers in a police station.

This happened in a police station with highly trained police officers with loaded guns.

A plan to fix the problem of school shootings by arming all teachers and placing guards in all schools is simply short-sighted.

It is like using an atomic bomb to kill your deer. It is simply not logical.

Teachers are trained to teach, not be gun-toting killing machines. Guns have no business in our schools.

James Chasse

St. Agatha

2nd Amendment anachronism

The Second Amendment to the U.S.Constitution, ratified in 1791, is an anachronism, a holdover from the days of single-shot muskets, privateers, minutemen and Paul Revere.

It is justified on the basis of a conditional statement citing the need for a well-regulated militia in the days before the U.S. had federal police or military forces such as the FBI, Marines, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms or the Department of Homeland Security.

That was then, this is now. Time and events have overtaken the need for that amendment, rendering it obsolete.

A well-regulated militia is no longer thought to be “necessary to the security of a free state” or its

people, so the Second Amendment should suffer the fate of the 18th Amendment and be repealed outright.

This would remove the danger of opportunist groups or individuals hijacking the amendment for their own purposes in a climate of fear.


Steve Perrin

Bar Harbor

Liberal bias on spending

I wanted to make a few comments about this past presidential election. President Barack Obama and the liberals were screaming “bloody murder” when former President George W. Bush was spending money like a drunken sailor during his presidency.

But since Obama has been in office and continues to spend like Bush did, I have not heard a peep out of liberals about his spending problem.

I don’t understand why the liberals kept blaming Bush, when Obama keeps doing the same thing.

Basically, Obama and his kind were blaming one of their own. Bush was a closet liberal while he was in office.

When it comes to the news media, I wish they would just do their jobs — report the news without their liberal bias. It is sickening to see them continue to go ga-ga over Obama.

Also, it is depressing to think there will be no robust economy under Obama. Obama never had the credentials to be president — he sure fooled and continues to fool a lot of people.

Janice Bodwell


Newsworthy kindness

I was so moved by Monique Bouchard’s poetic story of a stranger.

Perhaps the media ought to consider 24-hour coverage of goodness in these days when the “bad guys” appear to be winning.

Kindness never gets old, and it is always newsworthy.

Ellen Port


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