Maine’s Progressive Business 2013

By David Fitzpatrick, Special Sections Writer
Posted Jan. 07, 2013, at 3:21 p.m.

Each year, the Maine’s Progressive Business supplement celebrates businesses that have been in existence fro at least 50 years through detailed historical retrospectives. This year’s Maine’s Progressive Business features four businesses:

Brookings-Smith Funeral Home: 139 years

It started with a Camden businessman named Abel Hunt who, after business ventures with his brother at their father’s store and with a partner with a patented carriage-curtain fastener, took his knowledge of caskets and coffins to Bangor in 1873…

Modern Screenprint: 72 years

Jermiah McLeod came to Bangor around 1927. After working as a Western Union operator for a few years, he went into newspaper advertising sales with the Bangor Daily Commercial and the Bangor Daily News. Then he got into photo engraving, which was big business in print advertising at the time… and the business grew from there…

Brooks Trap Mill: 67 years

Michael Brooks was originally Michael Ojala, but while interning to become a lawyer, hsi employer suggested his Finnish name wouldn’t get much respect. “Ojala” mean “brook,” so he changed it to Brooks. The law career didn’t happen, but a legendary business in South Thomaston sure did…

Saliba’s Rug Sales & Service: 63 years

If you’re from the Bangor area, you probably recognize the Saliba’s “flying carpet” logo. But most people don’t know the story of how Sam Saliba visited Bangor as a graduation present, fell in love with it, and returned after serving in World War II to establish what has become a key fixture here… printed on April 25, 2017