June 21, 2018
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Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013: Coyote hunting, domestic manufacturing and Roxanne Quimby


Quimby bashing

All David Trahan and the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine want from Roxanne Quimby is everything, and they are giving back nothing. Quimby bashing is alive and well in Maine.

For those of us who do not hunt, trap, snowmobile or ATV, we have seen Quimby trying to share her land with everyone, not just with those aforementioned humans and their activities, which destroy something or other on our planet.

Nothing Quimby has done can or would ever satisfy sexist, misogynistic land-grabbers. Using veterans in this land-grabbing attempt is insensitive.

When people ask that she allow children to hunt on her land, do they realize other children who do not hunt can’t use her land at the same time for the outdoor activities of their choice? Why? Because the nonhunting children would be in an unsafe situation in the line of fire.

It is pathetic that Trahan and SAM had their OpEd, “10 Christmas wishes for Roxanne Quimby and her lands,” published on Christmas Eve. It promotes greed and “environmental protection” in disguise of hunting, trapping and other Earth-species-killing occupations, especially the God-awful 24/7/365 demise of the coyote. Not a pleasant Christmas message.

The hand-wringing going on over “deer herds and deer yards” is astonishing. You’d think it’s the only thing that’s important in Maine. Maybe Trahan and SAM think it is. Gov. Paul LePage thinks so, too. He took one job and salary — Fish and Wildlife — and split it in two jobs and two salaries.

There’s no wonder where the money’s going.

Leave Quimby alone, boys. The operative words of this letter are: “Quimby is trying to share her land with everyone.”

Jackie Freitas


Empathy for all

I am new to the area, and, like everyone around me, I started wearing an orange hat when hunting season began. I was disappointed that people just went along with it without objection. So, thank you, Joshua O’Donnell, for your OpEd piece “When will coyote hunters know they have killed enough?” You speak my language.

People need to be reminded that animal cruelty is alive and well in our forests. Animals have red blood like we do, have a nose that breathes oxygen like we do, have a digestive system like us and more. They have families and want to live as much as you and I. They feel pain and suffer as we do.

As a society we must expand our empathy and compassion to include all life forms. The atrocities that are carried out by those who kill our wild neighbors needs to end. It is time to embrace all life forms, not just humans.

What does your heart say about all the animal killing? Listen to what it has to say, and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Let there be peace on Earth — and let it begin with you.

Susan Wiedman


Keep jobs at home

I am anti-union, but I am also in favor of going forward with the strike the East Coast union dock workers have proposed. In fact, I would be pleased if the West Coast dockworkers unions joined the strike as well. Why?

Nobody disagrees that the majority of American workers, and especially union workers, want to see the stuff we buy made here, not in China, North Korea or any other foreign country.

How can we be absolutely certain those imports end? Easy. When all the seaports are closed, more than 99 percent of all imports will have no reasonable way to enter the country.

Don’t count on American citizens to curtail their appetites for the things they like to buy anytime soon. Given that unending demand, our domestic manufacturers would then be more than glad to take up the slack created by the now-dormant import market, which brings jobs right where I want them, here at home, not abroad.

So, have at it, all you wonderful unionized dock workers. Go on strike, and stay out forever. By doing so, you finally serve the nation’s best interest instead of your own advice.

Charles Bauer


Common sense stand

It is amazing to me that we no longer apply common sense here in the United States. I’m not sure if it’s the media that is to blame or the two ruling political parties and their contributors, but we seriously have to stop and think before we destroy this great nation.

You can’t legislate safety by removing guns — you will only succeed in removing them from law-abiding citizens. Nor can you fix the health care system by giving more people free care at the expense of others.

And when have you ever spent more money to get yourself out of debt? Our elected officials no longer act with our best interests at heart; they only change the language to control the conversation. The time has come to stand. Who is with me?

Roger Willett


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