Thanks from Maine Treasurer

By Bruce Poliquin, Special to the BDN
Posted Jan. 05, 2013, at 1:34 p.m.

My two-year term as Maine state treasurer ends on Monday. I’ve been humbled and honored by the privilege to serve the state Legislature and the hard-working people of Maine. I thank you deeply for this rewarding opportunity.

The Maine Legislature elects our four constitutional officers, including the state treasurer. The incoming Democratic majority elected the current state auditor and former Democratic state Sen. Neria Douglass as Maine’s next state treasurer. I congratulate Treasurer-elect Douglass and have been pleased to assist with her smooth transition.

Because of the trust you placed in me, during the past two years, together, we encouraged fiscal discipline throughout state government. We helped to make positive changes for our families and businesses by reducing the cost to live and work in Maine, including:

These positive changes include putting Maine state government’s fiscal house in order. Augusta living within its means and taxing our families and businesses only what is necessary is essential to attract more jobs to Maine. This, in turn, will build a stronger state economy, less government dependency and more choices and freedom for our fellow Mainers.

Maine is a special place to live and raise a family. Let’s make it a promising place to work by continuing to remove unnecessary regulations, further reduce health insurance premiums and expand educational choices for students. Quality of life includes a paycheck. Let’s give entrepreneurs ever more reasons to investment their savings to start or expand businesses in Maine with new jobs for our citizens. That’s the best way to keep our kids and grandkids here.

During the past two years, I never tired of the stunning beauty of the lighted dome on our State Capitol. Turning off the lights at the Treasury tonight, I’m reminded of the thousands of Maine taxpayer customers who shared with me their concerns for better lives in our beloved state. You taught me that good government is helping the most people with the fewest tax dollars. Together, we made a big difference in two short years. Thank you for that opportunity.

Bruce Poliquin’s term as state treasurer ends Monday. His comments are as treasurer, not as a trustee of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. printed on August 19, 2017