April 23, 2018
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Comments for: Man who allegedly dropped bag of cocaine at Bangor nightclub one of 67 indicted by grand jury

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  • Anonymous

    Richard Carr who gave his son the gun that resulted in the death of a young man. Somehow i am not surprised

  • Anonymous

    What up with the homeboys from the North side of Brockton and Bangor? First the dude arrested for the car fire deaths, now Mcfadden.

    • Anonymous

      “Lucky” Lakeem out of , wait for it, BROCKTON , wasn’t so lucky dropping his bag of crack at the gentlemans club.

      If he didn’t have such droopy drawers , it might
      not have happened.
      ……. Real problem for Ol “Lucky”…..
      The bag had 17 grams of product but the cops only reported
      an alleged 9.2 grams.
      What about the $$bankroll he carried?

      Shrinkage ?? You tell me.

      “Lucky” got some splainin’ to do.

      • pete

        Who Dat ?

    • Anonymous

      Sidenote : There are some McFaddens in Lubec.
      Any relation ?

      • Anonymous

        ask them if Battles street rings any bells

  • Joseph

    30 years * 40k per year = 1,200,000 dollars of tax payers money. Hope he is worth it.

    • Bill Cat

      C’mon now, dude ain’t even sort of going to get all that time and may end up in the county jail. Depends on who took all his money…

      • Joseph

        10 years * 35000 = 350,000 dollars. Lower time and price. Is it going to work, will he not do coke? Will he learn a lesson? Will he be a better neighbor? I do not think so. I think that money is set on fire. Fuel for an ever growing prison system that is collapsing.

        • Bill Cat

          Joe, this isn’t about ‘reforming’ anybody — showing the errors of their ways and making good citizens. The Rehabilitation Era went out with the 70’s. At a real basic level, this is all about crowd control. The Prison Industrial Complex is one of the few growth industries left in the US.

          Sort of goes like this. Sell off 16 million or so blue collar jobs and the companies that provided them to China, Korea, Singapore. Loot the retirement accounts and mortgages, too. Might as well cut way back on basic education because there are no jobs for those kids… Make sure there’s plenty of booze and drugs to numb up the public, confuse the dog shiat out of everybody with Mainstream Media — wholly owned by corporations, btw — telling a different story on each channel. Anybody acts up, bingo, off to jail.

          About 1/3 of the people behind bars belong there — violent types, sex fiends, major robbers — and the rest are mainly collateral damage from a broken society. And the wheels on the bus go round and round and round…

  • Bill Cat

    67 people indicted by the grand jury and here’s the Black Guy! Why’s that?

    • Anonymous

      Well, he did drop a bag of cocaine large enough to put him away for 30 years and then ask around a nightclub if anyone had seen his large bag of cocaine.

      While it does seem fishy, I think this guy was featured more because of his jaw dropping level of stupid rather than his skin color. He earned first place.

      • Anonymous

        And besides, if I’m going to got to prison for 30 years for something, I would at least like my picture in the paper. It’s sort of a prison-society debutante coming out kind of thing.

      • Bill Cat

        Good possibility. Just tossed that out to see what folks thought.

      • Yeah, but I think the amazing part of the story is that a strip club called the cops. Most strip clubs would be like, “Yo, homie, you should go blaze this up in the champagne room with Precious and Mercedes!”

    • Bertha Gruntz

      Because he has the coolest name? :-)

  • Jack Torrence

    I weep for the future

    • Anonymous

      Who cares about the USA’s future. The country has because a bunch of drug loving, booze loving,whoring, dumbed down, 24/7 partiers.
      It wont be long before the day comes, China,Russia, and several other upcoming countries combine and give the USA an ultimatum to surrender or get its arse kicked in. Have another joint or can of booze if you think the shining star US military that has only fought 3rd countries with 3rd world armies since WW2, will be able to defend this country against a super power country’s military

      Take a look, Who cares about the future of the trash people and trash communities like this: Do they look worth weeping for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXgeqmjv_hU

  • Anonymous

    Maurice Bedard again! What it this, arrest #12 or thereabouts? You’d think it would get old, but I guess not.

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