May 28, 2018
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Comments for: Stepping down, Olympia Snowe hopes to match ‘insider’s voice … with outsider’s frustration’

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  • Anonymous

    Ms. Snowe always worked hard, never falling into the typical traps a long serving politiican ends up in. It was disappointing that she never stepped forward during the recent election cyle to share her expereince trying to work with President Obama on the health care bill. She was the key vote keeping it alive in committee for further discussion and eventual ratification. Yet when it came time for her input to be considered, as she was promised, she was ignored. The vote famously went down along partisan lines. So here is the most moderate, fair minded Senator in DC being snookered by the President. Shame on him. So much for working across party lines. She deserved better after sticking her neck out, and we deserved better than having her input ignored.

    • Anonymous

      She resigned because of our Governor, who is an embarrassment to the people of Maine.

      • Anonymous

        What does this have to do with Lepage – not sure why you said so, but nice try. She had a chance to help shape things and did not make a peep. Could have helped the President see the light on a few matters, since people would have listened to her. or let people know that

  • Anonymous

    Move on folks. There is nothing to see here.

  • Bye Bye You will not be missed!

  • Anonymous

    She essentially did little to nothing for Maine in her 20 to 40 years except make a couple of million dollars for herself.

  • Anonymous

    Questions for a Tea Party Activist:

    I believe Maine had/has the brightest and best representation in D.C. (Muskie, Chase-Smith, Cohen, Mitchell, Collins, Snowe, King). I believe we lost the power and wisdom of Olympia Snowe to the lunacy of Tea Party obstructionists in D.C. That being said does not eliminate the fact the Tea Party still has a following in Maine.

    I am caring, curious, and a life long learner. I do not vote along party lines (Registered Independent). A sampling of my voting history would reveal that I’ve voted for Richard Nixon & Jimmy Carter. I care more about my fellow Mainer’s than the Washington D.C. Circus.

    What answers would you provide to the following questions TO MOTIVATE someone like myself to learn more about Maine’s Tea Party?

    1.What other Country’s Health Care System is most closely aligned with the Republican’s answer to affordable health care for all? (for extra credit which is the least aligned?)

    2. Is government regulation for the provision of fair and equitable educational loans to students against our country’s best interest?

    3. Should participation of the Citizens’ JOE-4-Oil program be made illegal in Maine?

    4. In your opinion which change in our Constitution since 1776 has effected the largest step forward for our Nation?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Tea party is dead, you are beating a dead horse, time to move on… Find something new…

  • Anonymous

    She and her, probably worked feverishly to bring Maine to the depths of where we are, Maine, if you are not in the $500,000 dollar a year bracket, you were written off, and in line to be replaced with very rich retirees. The million dollar club Senators have not a clue, they seek photo ops, and yes people by their side, they are purposely blind to anything or anybody critical of their being, either of them are anywhere close to a Margaret Chase Smith, I have never seen a declaration from either, how, after the Iraq War, these two helped get us into, how with Maine’s economy in the dumps on their watch, they parade around as if all was so well, because they do not like or intend to come face to face with those other Mainers, only the well to do.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time we all realize that our government in it’s current form has little capabilities to solve any of our problems. The fact of the matter is what we call government is proving an illusion of choice, regardless of which flavor you select we move only a degree or two in any direction.

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      I never thought I’d agree with you, but you nailed it.

    • Anonymous

      You are talking both sides I hope… Dem and rep….

  • Anonymous

    I can’t summon up any tears on this occasion. Sorry. I never considered her to be “moderate”. Maybe compared to some of the other notable crackpots of her party, but not in any general sense. When the chips were down, she always ran with the herd. Just another lifelong public servant who somehow manages to retire with hundreds of millions of dollars. Sure, it’s true she never embarrassed our state like other Republicans like Michelle Bachmann, or Sarah Palin, or Rand Paul, and I guess we should thank her for that. I guess ‘comparatively not horrible’ is how I would describe her, after all is said and done. I don’t see why we can’t expect something more from our representatives…

    • FrankC

      Here’s Rand Paul yesterday in the senate

      With what specifically do you disagree?

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, but I don’t think I will be contributing to the RandPAC. Thanks for the link, though. I don’t agree with the libertarian approach. People should pay their taxes and stop whining about it. Whenever I feel the urge to complain about my taxes, I say to myself that I should be thankful that I have an income to pay taxes on. I would be embarrassed to be associated with the Libertarian wing. But if that works for you, fine. I guess you have your reasons for feeling that way.

        • FrankC

          I appreciate your civil response, however you didn’t say that you listened to his speech. I know its a bit long, not necessarily the best presentation, but with what did he say that you could disagree? Sometimes its a democratic or a republican or a libertarian position that is the best way for our country.

        • FrankC
  • Anonymous

    “With a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat.
    Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a [senator].
    Missus cool rides out in her [pink] Cadillac.
    Livin’, lovin’, she;s just a [senator].

    Come on, babe on the round about, ride on the merry-go-round.
    We all know what your name is, so you better lay your money down.

    Tellin’ tall tales of how it used to be.
    Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a [senator].

    Nobody hears a single word you say.
    Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a [senator].

    But [you’ll] keep on talkin’ till your dyin’ day
    Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a [senator].”

  • Anonymous

    I left a comment here earlier about her support for BIW and her lack of support for the rest of us Mainers, and I even held back on how crooked her husband is and how he destroyed workers comp for hard working Mainers who are injured and struggling to survive. The next comment will be worse than this as well as truthful.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Lepage and Mrs. Snowe, pillars of the community..

  • Alice

    It looks to me like she is getting positioned to run for the Presidency.

  • trisailer

    “We have to return to the essence of what public service is all about, and that’s problem solving”

    That’s a pretty thin record for someone interested in problem solving. But on the bright side she’s personally $50 million richer and who knows how much her position profited her husband. Compared to a Robert Byrd who transformed West Virginia with federal dollars, she didn’t amount to much.

    She voted for the Bush tax cuts and the wars and she never once stood up to the tea party except for resigning. She is the problem.

    I’m counting on King to do more in 4 years than she did in 40.

  • There would be a lot less violence if there was a lot less corruption in Congress.

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy, she’s still whining. Won’t someone please find a hobby for this over-the-hill outcast?

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