May 22, 2018
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Comments for: Armed guards can do students more harm than good

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  • Anonymous

    Mr. Kupchik makes a good point. Police officers in schools generally wind up finding ways to play cop, even though their main purpose should be protection of the student population. The issue becomes even more muddied when one considers incidents like Columbine wherein the officer who was stationed there was in the parking lot smoking area when the shooting began. Five minutes into the shooting spree he arrived at the main parking lot and only called for help, remaining in the parking lot rather than entering the school to attempt to halt the rampage. The sad fact is, cops do not really stop crime, they merely write reports on it.

    Teachers have an absolute obligation to protect the children in their charge. The ones at Columbine, and the ones at Sandy Hook failed to fulfill that obligation. Why? Well intentioned, but woefully ignorant, politicians stood in their way. Now we see President Obama and Senator Feinstein rise to do what they can to guarantee that future teachers will fail as well. How proudly they lead us all to failure.

    Mr Kupchik touches on the point that schools with armed guards are move violent than those without, but seems unable to address the obvious question. Are the schools more violent because of the guards, or are the guards there because the schools are more violent? Without addressing that question his point is meaningless.

    We do not need armed guards. We need qualified and armed teachers. Don’t want to protect the kids? Simple answer. Don’t take the job. Aside from the ability to promptly respond to attacks there are other benefits to be derived. Discipline would most certainly improve and homework would be turned in on time. Sounds like win, win, win to me.

    • honey777

      Armed teachers? Seriously? And who is going to do mental stability testing on these armed teachers? Anyone who owns a gun should damn well be proving they are mentally stable.

      • Anonymous

        Are you suggesting that you would place your children in the care of someone who is not mentally stable? Seriously?

        What part of the parents having an absolute responsibility to protect their children do you not understand? This isn’t optional, or new. Like it or not the teachers wind up with an absolute obligation to protect the children in their charge. That isn’t optional or new either.

        If you can not trust a teacher with a gun how can you possibly trust a teacher with your child?

    • Why would discipline improve and homework be turned in time more because the teacher has the gun? Will it be brandished and used to threaten bad kids? :

  • Anonymous

    I agree…Teachers are armed in Isreal for very obvious reasons…It could work here too given time..In the near future schools need to limit acess to the school while the kids are in class and have the cops outside during the am and pm chaos of kids coming and going…The cops are usually around anyway controlling the flood of mini vans dropping kids off and picking them up or writing tickets for going over 15mph..NOBODY should be able to just walk in…If the helocopter mom needs to see the kid for some reason then the kid is brought to her in a controlled setting..

    • Is this a prison you’re describing, or a school, it’s unclear.

      • Anonymous

        Do I need to draw a picture for you ??? LOL…If you don’t know the difference there isn’t anything I can say to you that will change that…But then again if liberals had their way completely Prison would have revolving doors…It’s headed in that direction , which is part of the problem as well…

        • Anonymous

          Be sure to use the fat crayons. Clearly this one isn’t ready for the 64 color box. (Sorry sad state, another joke. I can’t seem to help myself. Your inane comments bring out the sarcasm.)

          The guy who killed the firefighters should have been in jail for killing his grandmother with a hammer, not on the street stealing guns and killing people. I’ll bet it wasn’t a gun owner who said “Let him out.” Columbine happened during the Evil Black Gun Ban under Clinton. I’ll bet it wasn’t a gun owner who said “Let’s ban something that won’t make a difference.”

          Liberals. They break stuff then want to break more stuff to pretend they’re fixing the broken stuff.

          • Very clever Steve. :D

            Authoritarian solutions, such as the ones yourself and mcc describe, are not indicative of a free society. Living in fear and hiding behind guns is your right. Though imposing your fears and your chicken little solutions on the rest of us, isn’t going to happen.

            I’m sure it will be lost on you, though I’m not for a new weapon ban, nor am I for lenient sentences for violent offenders. If shallow stereotyping is all you have, I think I’ll pass the crayons back to you and mcc to play with. ;)

  • Anonymous

    someone had better tell the Obamas to get their kids into a different school cuz the one they are attending has armed guards

  • Gin Rum

    The thing is, they need guards to protect from outside threats, they shouldn’t be “policing” the halls unless the threat is a student or teacher. It looks like security mentioned in this article is to handle disciplinary situations in the school.

    • Anonymous

      True…There is a difference…

  • Anonymous

    More harm than being dead?
    Arm the teachers.

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