Ronnie Raymond

Posted Dec. 28, 2012, at 8:17 p.m.

In Loving Memory Of


Jun 17, 1951 – Dec 27, 2004

We love and miss you more than anyone knows – you live on in our thoughts, memories and hearts.

Nancy; Harrison; Mark, Lisa, Nick, Rachel; Judy, Stan, Dave, Marie, Mike; Rosie, Steve, Arielle, Harry, Shane; Gene, Linda, Laura, Jane; Nancy, Tom, Erin

In Loving Memory Of

My Husband

Ronnie Raymond

I am so thankful that we chose to walk beside each other in this life and to share our journey as best friends and husband and wife. I am thankful that we believed in us from the dreams that we were working on to the ones we fulfilled. I am so grateful that you were the man who stole my heart and knowing we will be spending eternity with each other makes this life bearable. My heart and love is yours forever.


Harrison – Happy Birthday – we love and miss you.