March 18, 2018
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Comments for: If Boehner gets boot, House should choose outsider as replacement

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  • Rgiff

    Get rid of him

    • Anonymous

      Be careful for what you ask. Other than Huntsman, anyone else (especially a TPer) would be far worse.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting concept. i was not aware of this quirk. I assume the outsider would be an in-house party leader and parliamentarian and would of course would not have a vote.

  • Anonymous

    What the D’s are hoping for is another plastic-faced, brain challenged Pelosi to run the House, so Obama’s plans can be even more effective. We are not given the truths of the meetings O and B had–just O’s rendition of getting closer to a “deal” with the R’s, then shooting that down the hill when it was announced. Boehner needs to stand tall no matter what, as all R’s should in the face off before them.

    • Anonymous

      Please keep urging the Republic Party to continue on their path to political irrelevancy. We’ve had enough of angry, old, religious white guys running this nation.

  • Nokomis

    No. Boehner looks like a good person, to me. He may not be a genius, but he can listen to all the geniuses around him and pick the right, decent answers from them.

    • Anonymous

      Geniuses? Where? Where?

    • Anonymous

      He has the lowest approval rating of all House members. So yeah, he might look good to you, but not to the rest of us.

    • FELT

      That’s what great politicians do, esp. since Washington is filled with brilliant, highly educated people. Tip O’Neill and Lyndon Johnson are two who had this gift for selecting right advice at the right time. Nor can you quantify what is ‘best’.

      • Anonymous

        I hope you’re being Ironic. Two of LBJ’s great ‘accomplishments’ were the Great Society, which destroyed the black family, and Vietnam.

      • Anonymous

        Tip O’Neill. A great deal maker…just ask Boston. Sometimes the country benefited, too.

  • Anonymous

    That’s an interesting idea; I wish I believed that such a Speaker would be able to wield any real power in “D.C.”.

    It seems to me that the problem lies with “We, the People”, the voters. We elect these people and then sit “idly by” and watch the circus in “D.C.”. We reward them by re-electing them, even after they put their re-election and party politics far ahead of doing what’s best for the country.

    The reason we vote for these people is because that’s all we have to choose from. Somehow we need to improve the system to allow independents and less partisan candidates to compete and actually have a chance to winning. I don’t know what the solutions might be; open primaries, limits on campaign contributions, stricter laws against gerrymandering, etc., might help. If we start now perhaps we can alter our political “process” so that it operates for the good of the country, instead of the good of politicians and special interests.

    Whatever we do, it’ll require a lot more involvement of a lot more Americans, and I haven’t seen anything to make me believe that’ll happen anytime soon.

  • FELT

    Ornstein is apparently blind to the defection of moderate and conservative Democrats to Republican causes and tipping the balance of power in State legislatures away from urban liberals.

    This about Washington State In today’s NYTIMES:

    December 26, 2012

    Washington State Senators Cross Aisle and Tilt Ideological Balance


    Wash. — From the governor-elect on down, through both chambers of the
    Legislature, a tincture of blue political monoculture drifts through Washington
    State politics like mist through the pines.

    Or is the Democrat-led consensus an illusion, a distortion of liberal Seattle,
    Washington’s urban center and the heartland of the Pacific Northwest left? Two
    Democrats in the State Senate, in bolting from the party’s ranks this month to
    join with Republicans in creating a…”

    • Anonymous

      Seeking a middle ground of compromise and consensus is not a bad thing, and is not an endorsement of the ideological purity the lunatic national GOP leadership or the tea party minority seeks. Moderate republicans in Maine didn’t march in lockstep with LePage when he made extremist proclamations, or when extremists in the legislature proposed policies that were bad for Maine… The Takings bill, for instance. Seeking to make govt more representative of legitimate concerns across a broad spectrum of people and interests is a good thing. The US Congress would do well to follow that lead.

      • FELT

        Unfortunately, with extremists and name calling hate mongers like you there is no middle ground, just another excuse for further abuse.

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm… I am endorsing what is happening in Washington state and that makes me an extremist? Interesting formulation you got there.

  • I like it. A natural stepping stone for Huntsman to a 2016 presidential nomination!

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