June 21, 2018
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Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012: MPBN, weapons of mass destruction and healing with love

Bring back ‘Down Memory Lane’

Both my wife and I wish to express our extreme disappointment in the Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s decision to drop the program, “Down Memory Lane,” with Toby LeBoutillier.

It was a program we looked forward to listening to every week and as a state representative, your decision will certainly be factored in when I am called upon to support MPBN.

It seems to me that we have enough political pundits expressing their opinion all day long and when you are done listening to them you are not any more enlightened than you were before you started listening. Two hours a week compare to how many hours of inane conversation? Put LeBoutillier back on the air.

Bernard L.A. Ayotte

State Representative


Guns do kill people

Even following the tragedy in Newtown, we are told by gun-control opponents that guns don’t kill people. Yes, the Second Amendment states that no law shall be passed to restrict the right to bear arms. It does not, however, say any and all arms.

When our forefathers wrote the document, guns were single-shot muskets. Since then, we have developed all sorts of “arms,” and in fact laws have been enacted to curb possession of many, including chemical and nuclear weapons.

I have no doubt that the fathers wanted to guarantee the right to possess the type of weapons they had in their time, and I do not suggest that only muzzle-loaded rifles should be allowed.

Yet there can be no doubt that guns which can fire hundreds of rounds in a matter of seconds, which can kill crowds of children in the blink of an eye, would never have been supported by our founding fathers.

Such weapons are not even necessary for a wildlife hunter, if he or she has any claim to sportsmanship and skill. Those guns are weapons of mass destruction, just as much as is an atomic bomb. If ours is a sane society, we must enact laws to prevent the type of carnage we have witnessed, laws restricting possession of devices including automatic, rapid-fire rifles and multiple-round clips. These guns do kill people.

Steve Colhoun


Healing message of love

As we all struggle to “make sense” of a senseless act, which seems to have no simple answer, I am comforted by what a most wise and gentle man told us over 2,000 years ago. He admonished us to love God supremely and to love “your neighbor as yourself.”

As we rush around enjoying the benefits of technology and looking for that “perfect gift,” I think that we might do better to pause and truly “do good” to our fellow man.

Just as a single cut may not be fatal, but repeated slashings might will be, one slight brush-off or snub might not cause much angst, but a life of repeatedly being treated as a “misfit” or “odd” or unacceptable, would certainly begin to become crushing. How easily we might all be the one who smiles at the stranger or offers help to one in difficulty. I feel that we might benefit by taking time to listen to and act on the message from “the still small voice” that spoke to Elijah.

How grateful I am that the church I attend at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at 939 Broadway has the healing message of love. Come join us any Sunday at 10:30 a.m. as we strive to “grow in grace,” and live with patience, expressing love in good deeds. All are welcome. “Let there be peace on

Earth, and let it begin with me.”

Debbie Dufton


Eliminate violence, not religion

Our government leaders and most recently our president, have called for more love to be shown in our dealings with others. Yet these same leaders continue to support governmental and private attempts to legislate removal of all references to religion.

The voids in our souls resulting from the absence of religion will not remain empty. Many believe that our society is slowly collapsing around us, and that our remaining days on Earth are few in number, whether the end be by nuclear war, natural disaster or divine judgement. These thoughts of desolation and loneliness can fill empty hearts with anxiety and fear, so it should be no surprise that the most troubled of people might lash out violently in their hopelessness.

The Chinese have a proverb “society prepares the crime and the citizen commits it.” In this country, our government is preparing the crime by mandating the elimination of all references to God and religion from our national discourse.

Darrell Dunn


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