June 22, 2018
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Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012: Gun control, job tracking and coming together

Gun license steps

As a gun owner I am as worried about my constitutional rights as the next, but I feel that over the years the NRA has done a great disservice to our nation by blocking reasonable efforts to curb gun violence. There are several ways to lessen gun violence.

We need to limit gun ownership to those who have taken a firearms safety course. This would not infringe upon someone’s right to own a gun. Not everyone should have that right — felons, those on the terrorist watch list, and those who are not mentally stable enough to safely possess lethal weapons should be denied that right.

We would not need to license individual weapons, but should license those who can legally own them. This license should be periodically renewed, like a driver’s license. To get a license one would need to take a weapons safety course and a background check at each renewal. This would eliminate the need to do a background check with each gun purchase — only those with a license could purchase weapons at gun stores or through private sales. The law should require that any time a weapon is not under the direct control of the owner it must be locked in a safe or with a trigger lock.

The weapons used in Newtown and Oregon were stolen from the legal owners. Requiring guns to be locked would also lessen the number of suicides by guns.

Stephen Blythe


‘Tracking’ distraction

Who thought up this idea of “tracking” a person doing their job? If your insurance agent, the local attorney, or town manager, etc. were being so called “tracked” every day doing their job, it would not last long. There would be indignation from all fronts.

But now we are being told that this idea is “normal” with politics and that the governor needs to toughen his skin. I think that is about time that our politicians in Augusta realize that this is just one more sign of the times of unethical behavior in our political arena. I don’t care which party you belong to, this is an idea that needs to go away quickly so that our elected representatives can do what we are paying them for. Can you imagine being under the duress of this practice and trying to perform your everyday speaking functions?

It is another distraction from the political scene that prevents our government from functioning properly. My hat is off to you Gov. Paul LePage for bringing this to the attention of the people of your state.

If not for you, our state government may become dysfunctional such as we all endure from our federal government. I have previously thought that our state government has avoided this type of behavior, and was proud of that fact.

Jerry Wilson


Time to come together

We have seen too many horrific acts of violence. The murder of innocent children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School must be the final outrage.

No more. We’ve had enough.

If ever there was a time for individuals, communities, states and the nation to come together around common goals it is now — goals of protecting and nurturing all young children, goals of prevention, goals of civil discourse. We all have a role to play.

Wringing our hands in despair will not do it.

We need to learn more about mental illness, domestic violence, drug abuse and the importance of reaching out to young families in trouble.
“Our town does not have a problem” is no excuse to not be involved. We cannot afford to sweep these issues under the rug. We need to talk about them openly and honestly and support healthy initiatives.

The Newtown shootings are incomprehensible. The brutal loss of a child’s best friends will be a huge mental and emotional burden for the surviving children and parents.

Fortunately, Newtown appears to be a close and supportive community. Recovery, I am sure, will not be left up to just parents, grandparents and teachers. It will be the community, as a whole, that will make it happen. It really does take a village to raise a child.

We’ve had enough. It is time to get involved. A good place to start is Maine Children’s Growth Council and Maine Children’s Alliance.

Gil Tenney



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