April 25, 2018
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Comments for: Lawmaker, ACLU want expansion of Maine’s medical marijuana law

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, we can “expand” the law by legalizing marijuana.

    Live and let live.

    Just my opinion.

    • Sure. Though many people simply aren’t ready to accept straight up legalization. Incrementally making it more “mainstream” – medicinal usage, de-criminalization and then legalization will probably be a winning formula. Slow and steady.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes I think you expect to live forever. :D

        • Oh no, not at all, just trying to be realistic. :)

          Truth told in the matter, I’m for legalization for pragmatic reasons and would support any pro-mj legislation – though I’ve no real personal stake and never have, so I’d probably never be a loud proponent.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the point of prohibition. It hasn’t worked before and isn’t working now.

  • Guest


    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.

      But I also think that now, particularly in light of the recent decisions in Washington and Colorado, we should bring the idea of recreational use out of the closet.

      If we are really a “free market economy,” we’d take advantage of the tens of millions of decent American citizens that simply enjoy the herb.

      Legalize it and let it find it’s place in our marketplace. It would create thousands of jobs, and huge tax revenues.

      Live and let live.

      • Guest


  • Let’s jump this whole thing and go the way of Washington and Colorado and just outright legalize it.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent idea, It’s a career-ender for many people if they get busted. Alcohol is far more dangerous for lots of reasons. Pot is passive.

  • Anonymous

    Hey ACLU, you already have your hand in everything else, leave this alone!

  • Anonymous

    just what we need, easier access to addictive drugs.

  • Anonymous

    Benefits yes….smoked of any sort is not good. Done my share, bs to say smoking is good for you. THC should be delivered in another way

  • Anonymous

    Legalization is way past due.I have never heard of somebody getting high and getting in a brawl,beating their spouse,blacking out ,urinating on themselves the list goes on and on.Happens every day with booze.

  • Anonymous

    And here we go- the Democrats are back in control of the Legislature and on a tear.

  • Anonymous

    Just legalize spin damnit and quit dancing around, as a matter of fact legalize peyote too. Sweet Jesus two drugs that give us understanding and make us laugh are feared for what,…… oh yeah that’s right they allow us to see the truth and through the BS put there to deceive us.

    • 3rd rail

      “oh yeah that’s right they allow us to see the truth and through the BS put there to deceive us.”


      News Flash :

      If you are smoking marijuana you are part of the b.s., you just haven’t figure it out yet. Most likely because your to stone to figure it out. And not that you would ever figure it out if your weren’t.

      There are very, v-e-r-y few reasons why people do drugs, the least of which is for enlightenment. The interesting thing however is ‘that all’ drug users share the same traits.

      Just a little tidbit from that other side we call reality.

      But having said all that, there is a ton of money to be made on this if it gets planted in the public’s mind through the small steps of the sham called medical marijuana legalization, which is the goal and why it’s being pimp to the public, to get it legitimized in the public’s psyche.

      A Ton of Money. And what ever, and who ever it harms can be damn. Once it starts it will never nor ever be reversed. It’s so ingrain now into the public sphere, you will simply not be able to reverse it.

      The only point I would really make is it address’s nothing other then making money and a new revenue source. But adds another layer to the social experiments that had clear and precise evidence’s to it’s failures before it ever got implemented.

      • Anonymous

        Wow you sound ….. “extremely” worried about your current reality which is hilarious as it is those of your ilk that made the mess that surrounds us.
        Unfortunately there are clueless dim wits much like yourself who don’t know the difference between abuse and reasonable use, the mental midgets who put everything in one classifying box.

        “3rd rail” I’d imagine, go rail some where else storm trooper.
        Consider changing your handle to: aus den Schienen

  • Anonymous

    Get busy studying the potentially vast uses of cannabinoids, such scientific study has been prohibited for over 70 years (BY the disease enforcement industries).
    Intoxication and sedation are NOT the main event, especially not the smoking realm.

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