April 26, 2018
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Comments for: How much is ferry service to Nova Scotia worth to Portland?

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  • Anonymous

    I always wanted to ride the ferry to Nova Scotia but I could never justify the cost. I don’t remember the exact cost but I just remember thinking that there was no way they would survive with rates so high. Simple supply and demand would tell you that when you start up a service like this you need to set your rates really low to drum up interest. Once ridership increases then start to slowly increase the rates but this never happened and probably never will. I would rather have a boat full of passengers nearly breaking even than a boat one quarter full operating at a loss. With the subsidies being proposed it would be feasible to start operating with a low fare in place, with subsidies covering the potential loss. The demand for this service is in place it is just a matter of making it affordable for your average citizen.

    • Anonymous

      it was like $80 roundtrip? the worst part is the town it leave you in in NS. nothing to do, run down. makes you wish you hadn’t left portland.

      • Anonymous

        Yarmouth NS is a beautiful fishing village and the surrounding countryside likewise scenic. Not a lot of bars and tourist traps. If you like the city better, yeah, better off to stay there.

    • Anonymous

      We took the Cat to NS a number of times from Bar Harbor. Took our camper and toured NS at our leisure. Enjoyed it and felt we rec’d value for our $$.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a wonderful concept to renew ferry service to/from Nova Scotia.
    …As much as I might like to go and see the
    place , with todays economy, particularly after the election, I dont
    see it happening any time soon.
    ….Many of the factors listed as part of the demise of the service
    are still with us.
    I am not aware of alot of extra money around these days.
    Jobs scarce ,money tight, fuel prices high, Low value US dollar.
    Combined with the Canadian confiscatory tax called the “HST” in place and our neighbors to the north are looking to boost it even higher.

    ….. Currently HST TAX is 15% . Add that to most every thing you buy there and the “bottom line” gets pretty steep in a hurry.

    Gas over 5$ a gallon ! Smokes and beer extravagantly priced , as well.
    Too pricey in todays economy.

    As the Canadians well know , subsidies are the only way to keep this idea afloat.
    I will be watching that boat sail away.
    I’ll be on shore.

    • Anonymous

      because things cost cheaper here to buy is why the Canadians are coming here. rates for the ride is more than i want to pay

  • westshores

    Aside from the cost of using the ferry vs. driving, I wonder how much more thorough customs inspections will affect the trip? If it’s anything similar to an airport experience I’d be hesitant to take that voyage.

    • Your inconvenience is a small price to pay to keep a bomb-toting fanatic off a plane.

      • westshores

        Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I totally agree that TSA security is needed at the airports for everyone’s safety. I have no choice when I go to Florida in the winter. Given an alternative- I’d rather take the Digby ferry from Nova Scotia to Saint John New Brunswick and drive back to Bangor after clearing customs in Calais. Ferries involve cars, freight trucks and people-a much larger security situation.

        • jerrymyx

          these boats reek of fumes! sickening!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Took the ferry to and from NS many years ago and loved the trip. We’re not interested in the “leisurely cruise” aspect, but if it was quicker than driving all the way, we’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  • County Escapee

    Since NS would be the likely end destination of tourist’s dollars traveling from outside (South), then what real monetary advantage would Portland receive as a launch point? They would be akin to a bus stop along the way.

    • Jim Bowers

      Lots of people in NS like to make a weekend trip to Portland for fun and shopping.

  • I would like to see bus service restored from Maine to Canada as well

    • The Great White Hope


      • A bus would at-least be more profitable then a ferry, but it would be awesome to have both restored

  • The best route would be direct to Halifax. As I recall, there is already a direct weekly Boston to Halifax freight ferry, that started earlier this year.

  • Jim Bowers

    I know many folks in NS who enjoyed coming down to Portland for a few days when the ferries were running. No need for emperical data and Portland and the State should put up something. It may be better bang for the buck and a better deal than the Maine tourism office. NS and Canada in general sure do tourism better than Maine.

  • Anonymous

    “Greater Portland area was recently found to have surpassed 50 percent of the state’s economy by some metrics”

    That stat has me laughing everytime I hear it. When someone calls an area “Greater” anything it is the imidiate surrounding towns/cities. In Portland’s case this would be Westbrook, South Portland, Falmouth, etc… But when this study was done they grouped the “Greater” Portland area as the entire county and included two other counties (York and Sagadahoc). So by their form, “Greater” Augusta must group Lewiston/Auburn and Bangor into its metro. Best part about it 515 thousand people live in those three counties stated which is almost half of Maine’s population so is it that crazy to believe that they accounted for 50% of the economy? haha Have to love when studies and articles are twisted around to make it look like Portland means so much to Maine.

  • Anonymous

    waste of money

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