May 27, 2018
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Comments for: Police: Deer Isle woman charged with manslaughter confessed to running over boyfriend

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  • Anonymous

    Obviously it was HIS fault. The poor woman must have been absolutely traumatized. I bet she’ll need years of counseling.

    • Anonymous

      Well Hoss, I wouldn’t be too quick to place blame, but you’re probably on the right road. Manslaughter seems like it’s a light charge in this case to me.

      • Anonymous

        I’m talking about what the “Final, Official, Findings” will be. I’m sure she will end up in a mansion on the coast, with a large live-in staff, and constant monitoring for emotional issues, all paid for by the taxpayers.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Hoss, she was a ‘victim’

      there’s a ‘war on women’ going on….don’t-cha know?

    • Anonymous

      She’s a victim, for sure. She ran him over in self defense.

  • Anonymous

    “Because breaking up is hard to doo–oooo”

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Walter White drive an Aztek?

  • Millicent

    if I was in an argument with someone, and they punched my passenger window out, I think my first reaction would be to try to drive away. Where she went wrong, was 1. being behind the wheel drunk and 2. driving away after running him over.

  • Jennifer Robidoux

    If it were an accident, there may have been no charges…however, she was drunk AND stoned.

  • Anonymous

    If someone broke out my side window and I felt in danger, I’d run them over in a heart beat., twice

  • Clarkgirl

    What is wrong with all of you!?!?! There is family that see this publicized criticism! Before you all make assumptions and make comments be sure ALL the facts of this case are presented. There is clearly a lot of information that is being with-held from this article.

  • I’m just happy she didn’t kill an innocent person that night.

    • jerrymyx

      She did!!!!

  • Wow, some people are pretty quick to judge…I used to be close friends with Kim and knew Andy as well…he didnt deserve anything that happened to him. He may have punched out her window but in reality he has never assaulted anyone….kim on the other hand has had drug charges, multipal OUIs to the point that she lost her licence for several years and has at least 2 if not more assaults on her record from an ex, the most recent one being about a year ago. She deserves whats coming to her.

  • Anonymous

    Story isn’t adding up…He’s at the passenger side window…Punches it (every Pontiac Aztek out there should be punched, by the way)…She says she goes to drive off…If she hit him then, she would have been going about 5 miles an hour and at a tough angle to run him over…No way lady…That’s not how this went down…Someone call “Quincy”

    • Anonymous

      Call Quincy back. tell him to stay home. this is what happened: two knuckleheads went out drinking driving and smoking dope; one got run over, the other was still 2x more wasted than the legal limit hours later. whatever story she told the cops is full of inaccuracies and distorted memory.

      we’ll never know exactly what happened but i think the cause of the whole incident is massive, epic stupidity on the part of everyone involved.

      the fact someone died is absolutely nothing more than the natural conclusion you could expect when you start to add up the stupid dangerous stuff these two were doing that night. especially when you consider that this was probably not their first rodeo…

      • szyq43

        You are absolutely correct we will never know what exactly happened because 1. Only 2 people really know and 1 is dead. 2. Even if he lived they were both drunk and stoned so would not be very reliable.
        I’m sorry I know that people can drink responsibly but I just think there are too many people out there that are young, stupid, impressionable and irresponsible when they drink. How many domestic violence incidents, oui’s, deaths is it going to take??? Believe me I’ve been there and but for the grace of GOD I have not had a drink in many, many years because I couldn’t be responsible when I drank.
        Hopefully this can be a reminder or wake-up call for someone. God Bless the family of this young man and young woman.

  • Anonymous

    I’nt she preeetty….you scumbag deserve the most amount of time in jail……..

  • Anonymous

    driving home @ 4 a.m. with the female your bodily fluid exchange program is currently hosting….who is flat out wasted…and has a track record of stupidity while under the influence…..when you decide to stop and “catch a fire, Mon”

    Brilliant… what could go wrong with any of that plan? more’n likely Mr.Ray didn’t “deserve” to get killed but i’m guessing he and his crew have been acting stupidly like this and taking these same chances for years.

    it really sucks when the consequences of your actions catch up to you, but that sure as hell doesn’t make you a “victim” of anything but your own bad choices.

    • Anonymous

      You absolutely hit the nail on the head with both of your comments!!

  • She tried to drive away to protect herself, and gets charged with manslaughter. Too bad for her she wasn’t a cop, she would have been justified in shooting his face off.

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