June 21, 2018
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Comments for: For Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012: Medicare, education and Maine’s treasures

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  • Anonymous

    Alex Shapero: great letter that deserves widespread readership. As you surely know, some of Israel’s greatest enemies these days are mainstream Protestants who really want to see Israel eliminated every bit as much as Israel’s fiercest Arab neighbors (not all its neighbors, to be sure). It is by now painfully familiar to see the tiresome one-sided condemnations of Israel and the refusal of these Protestant denominations EVER to say one word about abuses of Arabs and/or Muslims in the Middle East or Africa by other countries. Their hatred of Israel betrays their anti-Semitism. No wonder that some Jews who are otherwise liberal vote Republican because many decent evangelical Christians support Israel’s right to exist. This happened in the November election, though not to the extent that might have helped Mitt Romney. Still, his support of Israel–like that of Senator Collins, God bless her–is heartening.

    • Anonymous

      I honestly believe that the problem is the Holy Lands itself. Most of the bloodshed in the world over the last 10,000 years or so has originated through one religion or the other that has a common claim to these Holy Lands. It is a force of nature, like walking in a rain storm will get you wet. Living in the Holy Lands leads to wanting to spill someones blood. It’s almost automatic that someone from whichever side will do something to offend the other side which results in someone having to blow someone up or just whack them.
      Ever since I can remember there has been peace envoys trying to bring peace to the Holy Lands. It should be evident that there is no one living or dead that has that ability.
      Might I suggest that they put up a wall around the entire Holy Lands and have gates set up that only allow you to enter. Once there you can feel free to slaughgter each other as long as you don’t disturb the rest of the world or try to spread your disease.

  • Anonymous

    Katy Perry

    Yes, lets preserve every piece of Maine just as it is so the rich tourists can come and enjoy it.

    You, Me, and our children can be their slaves, sorry, servants while they are here. And if we grovel and bow low enough and say “yassah massa” maybe they will throw a few extra coins at our feet when they leave.

  • Anonymous

    Janet Alexander – has it ever occurred to you that conservatives may be as fearful and concerned about the progressive agenda, as you are with the conservative agenda? Conservatives were here first. We’re trying only to defend what was ours in the first place. You progressives have come along with your divisive, atheist agenda, and have tried to indoctrinate children at the expense of their parent’s rightful authority. Conservatives have rolled over and let you progressives stomp on them for too long. Now we’re getting tired of it. Now you know what it’s like to have some opposition, and lo and behold, you don’t like having it, just like we conservatives, who were here first, don’t like your opposition to us.

    • Anonymous

      You progressives have come along with your divisive, atheist agenda, and have tried to indoctrinate children at the expense of their parent’s rightful authority. Really??!!

      The “conservatives” I have seen over the past 10 years seem to adopt policies right out of the dark ages. Far right conservatives do not believe in science and the garnering of empirical data . which are also known as scientific FACTS!

      Divisive? What do you think the impact is on Latino’s when they hear a rich white guy saying the answer to our immigration issue is “self deportation”

      Divisive? How do think women feel when they are told Planned Parenthood is going to be shut down? How do you suppose that feels for the millions of American women who use PP as their ONLY SOURCE of health care?

      Divisive? If you’re gay or lesbian . .how do you think it feels for those citizens to see you guys pushing for DOMA? Gays and lesbians are not entitled to seek their own version of the pursuit of happiness?

      Divisive? How do you think it feels to be a women and listen to old white men with two dollar haircuts talk about rape as having to be “forceable”? Rape is rape . . . .

      Perhaps you did not get the full message regarding the results of the most recent general election. This Nation is moving on . .continuing to realize it’s full potential. You can be angry and upset . .or . .embrace the changes with excitement and anticipation.


      • Briney

        The no longer “conservative” republican party has broken our government.

        • Anonymous

          More like reactionary (along with a few other negative adjectives).

    • Anonymous

      “Conservatives were here first”

      The garbage you guys come up with on a daily basis is startling — even worse, you actually believe it.

    • Anonymous

      Heisheone: Public education was and is for everyone. Perhaps you could explain your ridiculous statement that you were “here first” and what there was about public education that you consider belonged to you.

      You are in serious need of some historical facts if you think public education was a conservative idea or that the people advocating for that agenda were conservatives.

      • Anonymous

        good replies to the genuinely conservative Heistheone who, not long ago in another BDN online rant, condemned Martin Luther as having been inspired by the devil in order to explain the Protestant Reformation H. despises. So, in a sense, HIS conservatives date to the origins of the Catholic Church. But what about Jews who were attacked theologically as well as physically by the “radical” Catholics? Because H. sincerely believes that God speaks only to him and his fellow ultra-orthodox Catholics and to no one else, my historical perspective will escape his grasp of history vs. his theological fanaticism. Pathetic. He’d have loved being part of the Inquisition.

        • Anonymous

          LOL He would indeed have enjoyed the Inquisition. I believe his frustrations stem from the fact that he cannot stomp through the modern world making judgements and executions according to his beliefs. It’s a terrible burden to have to consider the rights and freedoms of others. LOL

        • Anonymous

          I also remember his parroted, indoctrinated rant on Martin Luther who was trying to reform the increasingly corrupt Catholic Church, not start a new one. How about considering all of the abuses of the faith perpetrated by the Catholic Church, before and after the Reformation, to be works of the Devil? A lot of us sure do.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus, was a progressive, he was a socialist, and a free thinker.

    • Guest

      Christians will be and are the persecutors in these modern times.

    • Anonymous

      You sound completely delusional.

    • Anonymous

      “Conservatives were here first”?

      And all this time and I didn’t know the Red Paint People were conservatives.

      Conservative thinking has contributed to making America a great country, but progressive thinking has been equally, if not more, important. . Your statement is ridiculous on several counts. If being in a place first somehow grants you special rights, then you better go talk to the Red Paint People. Many of the first settlers to this country WERE the progressives who wanted change. That’s why they got the heck out of Europe. Beyond that, of course, are all those who arrived as indentured servants or slaves. Without progressive thinking we would still have slavery, women wouldn’t vote, and children (or poor children at least) would be working in factories. As for school being “indoctrination,” if you believe the teaching of science is indoctrination, then you have a huge misunderstanding of what science is.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of indoctrination … You persist with an unwarranted martyr complex.

      • Anonymous

        They love the self victimization routine. Somehow they can’t imagine how, let’s say for example a gay person is discriminated against daily, but then at the same time, they think there is a war on their religion if you wish them “happy holidays”. It’s absurd.

    • Briney

      Tired of it? What? The rest of America disagreed on November 6. And, an ever growing band of surviving republicans are beginning to see the light in what their gross actions of their top picks have caused to the country and the party.

      The abuses of power by both Bush and Cheney, preceded by the imperialistic and ruthless Nixon years, have done great damage to the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. The republican-“conservative?”-party and its tag-along Tea Party are a self – serving party of the affluent.

    • Better AndBetter

      What are you going to do godman?

      Hmmm? Ever think that it is your admitted desire to harm those you dislike that has turned people against you and your “message”?

  • Anonymous

    Good letters all.

  • Briney

    Like Janet Alexander, it is hard to understand why the editorial writer posted such a favorable editorial about Le Page’s Tea Party education policy.

    As part of a massive privatization policy under direction of the Koch brothers the public school system would be almost abolished. Charter schools would selfishly exclude all students unable to afford this select form of education geared only to the children of rich parents.

    For two years Le Page has scorned teachers, students, state workers, and municipal employees. The man has absolutely no use for anyone except the rich and supporting their agenda. That’s what he was paid to carry out.

    Role on and unravel two more almost insufferable years of this dictatorial tea party ruler. A true example of what is wrong with the gross authoritative ultra radical right wing republicans.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Coburn, you ask: “What’s the difference, for example, in taking a woman out on a date, paying for her meal and then having a romantic escapade afterwards? Is
    that not a form of ‘prostitution’?”

    No. There’s a big difference between having sexual relations because of mutual attraction, and paying for sex with a prostitute. It’s been many decades since I’ve been on a date with anyone other than my wife, but I still know the difference between a date and a business transaction.

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