May 20, 2018
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Comments for: Does Paula Broadwell know the nation’s security secrets?

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  • Anonymous

    Does Paula Broadwell know the nation’s security secrets? Based on this article….probably….Too bad for all.

  • Anonymous

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…”

  • Anonymous

    I would say she probably knows more than Obama does. That is obvious.

    • Anonymous

      That’s just silly.

  • j sullivan

    As a retired US Army Col., Ms. Broadwell’s case needs to be referred to the responsible US Attorney’s office for prosecution. If declined by the US Attorney’s office, the case should be turned over to the US Army, Judge Advocate General for appropriate action which could lead to reduction in grade or dismissal from the US Army Reserve. The Army does not need personnel who do not adhere to established safeguards for classified material or abuse their authority for their own benefit.

  • Dope Boy

    Here’s another one dress like a clown.

    “The Generals Mistress”
    (and the Lebanon spies)

    coming to a theater near you, staring Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie.

  • Anonymous

    Takes two, to, tango.

    • William Burke

      Did you get a good Black Friday deal on excess commas?

  • m.

    We need to ask the question, “How did a person like Paula Broadwell get as far up the ladder of success that she did? Why wasn’t she identified and exposed long-long ago? Just how many more like her are entrusted with our national secrets?”
    Maybe we need to completely overhaul the current system that allows people like her to progress. We’re obviously not doing much in the way of background checks.

    Paula Broadwell is a military academy graduate … a career Intelligence officer with Field Grade rank with access to our country’s highest secrets … Deputy Director of the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University … and has been assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

    A reasonable person would demand she be held to the highest standard of conduct. Indeed, her character (including her moral standards) should be utterly above reproach. She should be squeaky clean. And when a person in her position fails to uphold that standard, she should be publicly identified and utterly exposed all the way down to her core; and she should suffer the appropriate consequences.

    Paula Broadwell has demonstrated some serious character flaws. It is rather obvious now she is completely amoral. She falsified her educational credentials for
    personal advancement. She cheated on her husband, entering into a sexual relationship with a man old enough to be her father … a relationship she wanted to continue, and only ended when she got emotionally careless with the cover up. She somehow obtained classified documents and stored the data from them on her personal home computer; which in and of itself was absolutely inexcusable for a trained Intelligence officer who d— well knows the rules for handling such material.

    Is she simply an over-achiever who failed? Am I the only one who sees irony in that?

    Her brand of conduct is to be expected of professional politicians. So we inherently look to persons in her career field to demonstrate at least a modicum of integrity and morality. If they do not live up to the motto “Duty, honor, country” … who will? For our own sake, we need to know the answer to that question.

    • Anonymous

      While I agree with much of what you say, the statement “It is rather obvious now she is completely amoral” seems like overreaching. No, it’s not obvious that she is completely amoral. I don’t know her, and don’t know that she is completely anything.

      And it seems to me that it takes two to tango. What you say about Ms. Broadwell could also be said of Gen. Petraeus, who cheated on his wife and entered into a relationship with a woman young enough to be his daughter.
      Gen. Petraeus is, I imagine, a good man who is neither a god nor a villain. He is a mortal who has been very successful in his career, and has also made a rather large mistake, as many of us do.

      • Anonymous

        Mossad play on these human foibles. Gen. Petraeus and Paula Krantz are human.

  • Anonymous

    Pillow talk can mean alot.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Gazzee.

    • Anonymous

      Ben Casey, M.D. (’60s TV show). So what’s your point?

      • EasyWriter

        Ben Gazzara (Anatomy of a Murder)

  • Anonymous

    More misdirection…..let Ms Broadwell testify under oath after Hillary and Susan Rice

  • Anonymous

    Are you suggesting that she be permanently silenced? I guess under the new rules in effect in the US that is no longer illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Needed something to distract from Benghazi. Then Israel-Palestine. Then Thanksgiving and black Friday. But we’ll get back to it or 4 Americans were murdered and their families will never see justice and we won’t see incompetence exposed.

    • Anonymous

      Fox Fantasy News tried to make something out of this and failed. They said that the Petraeus affair was concocted to keep him from testifying about Benghazi — but 1) it was a real affair, 2) it didn’t keep him from testifying, and 3) his testimony confirmed what the White House was saying.
      Time for Fox to come up with a new fantasy.

  • Anonymous

    she is clearly a plant of some foreign security agency. We are either too stupid to lead the world or they let her climb to see where she would go. Or this is common place and they only put a kabosh on it when it was risking the white house.

  • Anonymous

    IF she knows something she will end up like the D.C madam…

  • Anonymous

    With all that Pillow Talk, bet she knows more then the General by now. Glad he is out, lack of judgement and lack of taste in Cougars. Wonder how much the Chinese are paying her?

  • Anonymous

    She is a hottie…General Stevey likes her…..

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