June 23, 2018
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Friday, Nov. 23, 2012: Football, heating and sufferage

Change the travel game

State championship football games have been held in Portland’s Fitzpatrick Stadium for 11 consecutive years. Isn’t it about time to alternate the site annually and seriously consider holding the games at the University of Maine’s Alfond Stadium? Consider not only team travel but the number of Maine high school football fans who might attend even if their football team is not represented.

Richard Mackin, Jr.


A quality hospital

I support approval of the pending certificate of need application for Parkview Adventist Medical Center to join Central Maine Healthcare.

I am president of the Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professions in Lewiston. The college has been sending freshmen nursing students to Parkview for a clinical rotation for several years. The positive influence of CMHC is reflected in the quality of all departments there. We are fortunate indeed to offer our students an excellent experience in a high-quality hospital.

I look forward to continuing working with Parkview to provide our students the unique opportunity that Parkview offers.

Susan Baltrus


Eligible for rebate?

I am writing concerning the heat pump pilot program rebate. I attended both Maine Public Service forums in the last year. After considerable research I had a system installed only to be told that I am not eligible for the rebate because I heat with coal. Only propane, oil, kerosene and electric heating systems qualify. Not once during my conversations with the heat pump vendors at the forum was any mention made that the rebate was restricted to certain fuels.

After reading Gerry Chasse’s column in the Presque Isle Star Herald on Nov. 7 concerning the heat pump program, I am spurred to comment. Not once in the article was it mentioned that the rebate was restricted to any particular type of heating fuels. So, just a word to the wise, before you spend several thousand dollars (like I did) on a heat pump: Be aware if you use wood or coal to heat your home you are not qualified for a rebate.

Donald Rideout


Just Fox News

In a recent interview with Politico, Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana, said that the Republican Party had to stop being simplistic and referred to it as the “stupid party.”

Now where did this simplicity and stupidity come from? Well, here’s a clue. On election night at the Democratic gathering in Chicago, the main stage was flanked by six large screen TVs. Each was running the election news from six different networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and Fox News. At the Republican gathering in Boston there was one TV. It was running Fox News. Just Fox News.

And why is this? The folks at Fox tell their audience over and over that all other media sources are part of a conspiracy to bring down America. Only we can be trusted, they say, no matter how inaccurate, partisan and sensational our commentators are. Even when they just make stuff up. Listen to us, they say, and pass the Kool-Aid.

Norman Mrozicki


Department no-show


As a first-time vendor at the Maine Harvest Festival last weekend, I was impressed with the work that Heart of Maine Resource Conservation and Development, the city of Bangor and everyone else had done. It was a wonderful show.

But where was the Maine Department of Agriculture? The department had a booth at the festival, but no one showed up to staff it.

The department goes to great expense to stage the Maine Agricultural Trades Show in Augusta for large farmers, but when it comes to small farmers, it doesn’t bother show up at the festival. Maine has gained 1,000 farms in 12 years, according to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and I’ll bet none of them was a 1,000-acre mega-farm.

Other government agencies were at the festival talking with visitors and showing support for small farms.

I write this letter recognizing that I am putting myself at great risk by criticizing the department because my state license is up for renewal.

Bob Neal

New Sharon

Education reality

Gov. Paul LePage is right about education. Public schools are now more like re-education camps than centers of learning for our youth. Everything except the essentials are taught.

When traveling by air and approaching a city, I look down and see hundreds of yellow buses poised to pick up victims to subject them to hours of mind-numbing propaganda disguised as education. I read about teachers more interested in their pay and their almighty union than working with children to instill respect for the institutions that made the country great.

Then, all, no matter how poorly educated, are expected to go on to “higher learning” in more institutions that teach propaganda rather than curricula that build character and knowledge.

We teach them to be sensible, and then we surround them with beer halls and encourage them to share coed quarters. We even supply them with alcohol in the student union, just to make sure they get the message.

The result is a mass of fruitless sheep bleating to the government to take care of them.

Let’s have another bond issue to support the university, while they raise the tuition on everyone.

As Ollie would say to Stanley, “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”

Fred Robinson


Women’s right to vote

The 19th Amendment has been and will be one of women’s greatest accomplishments. Finally, in the history of the United States, women stood up and make a change to their nation. I have grown up in a time where the right to vote wasn’t questioned. I have many women who have now passed to thank for that.

Iron Jawed Angels is a movie I have seen before but not for some time. In watching it, I was shown a life before my time. I knew that I needed to vote.

My experience voting will be one I will always remember. There was a long line, consisting mostly of college students who needed to register to vote. A group of girls was behind my best friend and me, and I overheard them talking. They said one of their other friends was too lazy to get out of bed to vote and just didn’t want to anyway.

I was taken aback, especially since I knew who they were talking about. I am not close friends with the woman, but I didn’t expect her not to vote.

Questions ran through my head and images of all the women who risked their lives to gain us the right to vote. After casting my ballot, I walked out of that building standing a little taller, with my “I voted today” sticker, proud to be a female American.

I know that the women above smiled for me.

Erin Sevey


King’s independence

Sen.-elect Angus King now says he’s affiliated with the Democrats in the Senate. Talk about changing canoes in mid stream. Independent? Is there more than one meaning for the same word? Tell me you couldn’t see this coming.

Paul Worsaa


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