May 25, 2018
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Comments for: South Berwick firefighter hurt after crashing tanker truck

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  • Rocky4

    One day these fire departments will figure out that these drivers should have a
    CDL with proper training and endorsements. This happens all the time especially
    with the tankers. There is a reason ALL states require a special tank endorsement with your CDL. There ARE special skills involved and special precautions.

    • GFD220ff

      Maybe you should know the reason why the crash happened before you make judgment. Think of volunteers, they wouldn’t have as many if they required cdl.

    • Anonymous

      I had a CDL…it’s not all that hard to do…why aren’t they requiring it? Geeez, you would think the insurance would want the proper licenses.

      • Rocky4

        Those outfits build their own little fiefdoms and don’t want anybody telling them what to do. Just like Portland and the fireboat debacle. Even after all the trouble they have had they still refuse to require their operators
        to pass the Coast Guard minimums for piloting their 2 million dollar boat.
        Every fireman in the state should be required to have a CDL, with airbrake and tank endorsement………..period. You would think the public would demand it lest we get run over by one of these fools. And I know you have had your share of that misfortune. Bless you.

        • Anonymous

          So ask your representative to submit a bill for you. But I doubt you will…my experience tells me people like you would rather complain then actually doing something about it.

        • Anonymous

          With all of time that has past since I mentioned getting run over because of “one of these fools”…how did you remember? That is so sweet!

          • Rocky4

            I don’t miss much and never forget it. ;+)

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should know a little something before spouting off. Maine BLS has rules for paid and volunteer firefighters which require initial training (EVOC) in both classroom and cone course (this is a two day 16 hour class), drive time in all department trucks which require a very specific number of starts, stops, left/right hand turns, merges, etc…and re-certification in all trucks. The only option available for a firefighter operator not to take this class is a CDL.

      There are no differences between the training requirements for a paid or volunteer firefighter. The only difference is one is paid and the other gives of their time freely.

      • Rocky4

        I do know something about it. Wait & see. Volunteers ARE paid on
        a call-out basis. Check again.

        • Anonymous

          Rocky there you go again stating something as fact does not make it true.

          A volunteer by definition means they receive no compensation for services rendered. If they receive “call-out” pay they are no longer volunteers, they are either per diem employees or are on-call employees and paid when they are on a call.

          • Rocky4

            You want to be a troll…..don’t bother me with it. I had an opinion
            a gut feeling and lots of experience upon which I based that comment. You don’t agree. Move on. My opinion/comment is just
            as valid as the next one. Relax lest you blow a gasket.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for proving my point. You have no first hand knowledge about what happened in South Berwick but you are acting like you were in the officers seat next to the driver.

            You have no idea if the operator had a CDL or a Class C license.

            You have no idea if the driver operator suffered a medical emergency or not.

            You have no idea if the tanker/tender had a mechanical failure or not.

            Why not wait for the real reason before blaming it on lack of training?

        • Anonymous

          Not all departments are paid on a call-out basis. That type of department is a call department, not volunteer. I do know what I am talking about, as I volunteer for a volunteer department. This type of accident does not happen all of the time. This is the third time in the 15 years that I have been volunteering, that there has been a tanker accident. Now, those of you that want it a requirement for all operators of fire apparatus to have a CDL, are you willing to pay more in taxes to accomplish this? CDL are not free and if you require the volunteer to pay for that out of their own pocket, guess what, no more volunteers. I have said this numerous times and will say it again, if you think you can do so much better, step away from the computer and VOLUNTEER with your local department!

      • Anonymous

        My youngest son is in school to earn his CDL, hopefully by next summer. It is an intensive course, with road work, cone course work, intensive study of the rules and regulations, daily work on state and federal laws, and at the end. if lucky, he will have his basic CDL, no tank endorsement, no hazmat,no anything other than the basic license. 16 hrs of training, compared to that, is a joke. In addition he is subject to drug testing at any time. Truck driving today is very serious business, not just for the weekender any more.
        A tank vehicle carrying liquids is a totally different animal than a van body or flatbed. They can be rolled over easy on corners, 16 hrs of a basic course, is not even close to enough to be qualified to safely drive a vehicle like that.

        • Rocky4

          Exactly! 16 hours of a bunch of firedogs gathered up for a
          social event would be more like it. And driving ALL the trucks. Like I said, he probably had 20 minutes under his belt driving a loaded
          tank. It will be interesting to see how old this driver is.

          • Anonymous

            You do enjoy spouting off about things that you have no knowledge off don’t you.

            If you know so much why don’t you volunteer to teach your local fire departments driver operators then.

        • Anonymous

          Never said anything about the hours required for a CDL. And if you read the complete post the training required goes well beyond 16 hours.

          Many departments do require CDLs but that is left up to the departments.

      • Speak about spouting off! Two day class? BFD.

        • Anonymous

          Well lets see. Did I say it stopped with two days? Nope but it seems you didn’t read beyond that statement. That is only the beginning for driver/operators.

          But please continue posting I love being able to clarify things.

          Here us another clarification:

          We don’t know if it was driver inexperience, lack of training, a unknown medical condition, equipment failure or a mechs iCal failure yet.

          But many people like to blame the driver with nothing saying it was their fault.

    • Bright

      CDL’s will do very little to curb these accidents. The reasons CDL drivers have such good records is that as a whole they drive thousands of hours. The classroom and driving time in fact often is less than many FFer’s receive, but the actaul driving time FFers spend on any apparatus is miniscule compared to typical CDL drivers who make oil deliveries or drive tractor trailers. The true reason for the great recrod of CDL’s is experience not classes.

      The real issue for FD’s is that tankers are very large, heavy trucks that generally have high center of gravity and sluggish handling responses. Take a corner just a little too fast and you can leave your lane. Have a tire leave the pavement and correcting is much more difficult, especially if your not comfortable given you have very little seat time…

  • Juniors Farm

    He probably thought he had a license to fly.

  • PabMainer

    Sending positive wishes to this firefighter…..hoping and praying there is no serious injury or medical issues…..

  • Rocky4
  • Rocky4


  • Anonymous

    3,000 gallons is too much water for any fire apparatus ! The fatality in Springfield 4-5 years ago, was a modified chassis which also contributed to the event.

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