May 25, 2018
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Comments for: Damaged substation cable caused Bangor outage; most power restored by afternoon

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  • PaulNotBunyan

    I think “said Monday morning around 10:30 a.m.” needs to be corrected. We set the clocks back an hour, not a day ahead.

    Or maybe the alien mother ship hovering over the substation created a time warp?

    • Anonymous

       I live right in Bangor and lost my power for about 4 hours earlier today, and lost it again about an hour ago. I would hope that Bangor Hydro would help out with storm damage south of us, but my house was pretty damn cold by the time the power came back on.  And before anyone blames me for “gripping”, I have lived through a catastrophic flood and an ice storm, but still like to be warm in my own home.

    • Anonymous

      The copy desk was eliminated awhile back, apparently. Now it’s up to us readers to do the editing. And even when we do present verifiable facts that are at odds with a story, we’re not listened to most of the time.

  • Bangor Hydro couldn’t find the men’s room with a road map and a guide dog.

    • Anonymous

      CMP isn’t much better.

      • Anonymous

         I lived in Dexter for 10 years, we only lost power 5 times, in those 10 years.  The longest time it was out was about 3 hours. Been a Bangor Hydro customer for a little over a year, they have CMP beat in # of outages and hours out.

        • True, we have a camp up at Sugarloaf and it takes CMP less then an hour to get power restored 

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you go climb into the underground and help them find the problem?

  • Anonymous

    Many people wonder what happens to WIND TURBINES in a hurricane.

    Here is one detailed summary of last years Hurricane Irene and the response : 
    **note the need to have back up power generators to stabilize the turbine when the grid is affected. I read that SANDY impacting 154 MW of wind power. 

    • Ben Hutchins

      Interesting, but many people wonder what on Earth it has to do with a problem at the Park Street substation.  (Which is probably either squirrels or tweakers.)

    • Anonymous

      Here is what really happens to wind turbines in high winds.

  • Anonymous

    WOW…….all this b******g and gripping about a short term power loss……have we forgot what NY, NJ and the Mid Coast are going thru? At times we really are an ungrateful  bunch of pampered folks!!! We are so lucky we have power, water, heat and our homes are intact. The homeless in this area have clean dry places to go……do they now in the NY and NJ region? Think before you react and be very humble that we are not in the same boat……..remember the Ice Storm of 98?

    • That’s a very unreasonable comparison

    • Yeah, I remember, 14 days without Power while the limp-wristed Angus sat in his house 9with power0 and did absolutely NOTHING.  Drove all the way to St. John New Brunswick (where they had power to spare) to get a generator so my parents could be warm.

      Bangor Hydro is the worst power company I ever experienced, and I’ve lived everywhere.  power surges fried my computer twice, three printers, a oil burner, and my Freezer.  The power goes out down here even on nice days.

      • Anonymous

        Really, Bangor Hydro services Wyandotte Oklahoma? who knew?

        • You still trolling around?  

    • Ben Hutchins

      “Things are even worse elsewhere” is not a valid counter to “this is not acceptable”.  It’s a common misconception.

  • Anonymous

    Should take a while. No DD in that area.

  • Jake_OO7

    Faux News caught up in a lie about Alabama workers being turned away.
    It was all a lie.  Even Limpbaugh reported the lie.
    Another Republican scare tactic debunked!  

    • and what does this have to do with Bangor Hydro? 

    • Anonymous

      What are people like you going to do after the election  My God, every post everywhere by some people is calling one candidate or the other names. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. You have Obama/Romney derangement syndrome. And geez it’s getting boring.


  • I wish they would hurry up and get the power going! You would think in this day and age they would be able to pin point the problem like they can with cable 

  • Alykins

    I was just waking up when it went out. I sleep with a fan on & when it went off, I checked my cell phone. It was more like 9:45 ish.

  • Davida Willette

    maybe they are sharing power with new york and new jersey and the substation went on overload 

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think a Canadian company is in a hurry to get the power on here in the US? Dream on.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry for those who lost power but since everyone likes to take shots at “The County” folks well it is nice that we are not on the Grid. We have been lucky that our power is rarely out and outages and service is connected in a short time. It is always a challenge when the power is out for hours or longer but I count our blessing that we are not in the same boat as NY and NJ and the other states with power outages. My heart goes out to those who have been out for nearly a week an will be out indefinitely as we are all so used to power to run everything from cell phones to furnaces. I know the weather is turning colder by the day and those folks are so scared of the aftermath of “Sandy” and don’t know when their lives start to return to normalcy. May you all find the strength to weather the storm and the challenges you all are faced with. We all wish we could send you a miracle and restore your power today but everyone knows the utility companies work from most populated to smaller populated areas. There is always a wait whether for an hour to weeks when disaster strikes.It is sad to read that more deaths occur each day when people are running generators inside their dwellings I assume so they won’t be stolen from looters and thugs. Everyone hare in the County wish you all the best whether you live in Bangor where today is struggling for a power outage (remember Bangor Hydro is most likely short handed as they sent workers to help out with NY and NJ) and the rest of affected survivors so it may take an extra hour or so before your power is restored but it will be on before dark and cooler temps. But remember that when it gets dark even earlier today that many are in the dark and cold inside their houses. Stay strong and tough in the aftermath and don’t let this storm beat you in the states hardest hit areas and may your wait also be hours not days or weeks. 

    • nice long story on a simple thing. wow 

  • Anonymous

    ROMNEY / RYAN   2012  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ben Hutchins

      “They’ll fill your life with irrelevancy!”

    • your that idiotic to write that on here. way to be very irrelevant 

      • Ben Hutchins

        I suspect it’s some kind of bot.  It posts exactly the same thing to article after article, regardless of relevance.  Surely no human user would be so relentlessly, mechanically dim.*

        * sarcasm

        • There’s a lot of irrelevant stupid things commented on here haha 

  • Be happy, they fixed it.  Not like Bangor Hydro had hoped that this would happen while a good chunk of their linemen are in NY.

  • Thought we almost lost power again by 5pm, but everything is up and running now(hopefully!)

  • Anonymous

    “Look everyone. we have power outages too”

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